Friday, 18 February 2011

This happened after the St Kilda festival

To tell you the tooth, the festival was still going on, in our heads anyways, here's what went down, there was a very Rainbow Serpent festival feel to it.

Later i will recant a story Nicholas told me, which is true....

Nicholas told me, there was once a guy in China, a local, he meets someone along his path, walking to his town.
The visitor says: 'What's the next town like?'
The local says: 'What was the last town like?
The visitor says: 'I didn't like the people'
The local says: 'Well you wont like the next town either, dont go there'

This was probably related to my comments in relation to St Kilda, my problem is i tend to compare all suburbs to where i like, and that happens to be Fitzroy.
St Kilda was great that day, due to the people i was hanging out with, not that it's ever been bad for me, but it does attract assholes, it's a magnet for them, where all the video footage was taken, i know someone was attacked by some asian gang a few weeks for no apparent reason.

But, it is a goo point, none the less, and i've decided, when i become Mr Citizen of Australia, the first place i will go will be South America, probably Brazil, Mais que nada? Of course, every time!!!

Mais que nada? (More for nothing) Of course, every time!!!

Oh, and this is the lucky last!!

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