Sunday, 20 March 2011

Chuck Palahniuk and me

I tried to write this 3 times, and somehow got on tangents, but not this time, Chuck Palahniuk you are in my cross hairs, you are not getting away this time!!

His latest novel, called 'Diary, it' inspired by the idea of a 'Coma diary'
It’s what sailors and their wives used to do, Grace said, keep a diary of every day they were apart. It’s a treasured old seafaring tradition. A golden old Waytansea Island tradition. After all those months apart, when they come back together, the sailors and wives, they trade diaries and catch up on what they missed. How the kids grew up. What the weather did. A record of everything
What a great idea! I do something similar VIA blogging (i do try and keep the Cocaine and hooker parties references to a minimum, but what can i say, Charlie Sheen is such a big influence to me? )

And thats the thing about Chuck, his ideas for novels, they are unbelievable and the ideas he puts through the storys are so interesting for example, in Diary, he incorporated hand writing analysis, body language, many of the his novels ideas i was reading about in Bill Bryson's history of the English language, 'Mother tongue', who else does this?

Chuck talking about an experience i too had, unbelievable!!

It's like everything he writes, is so original, so original, it sucks you in, in fact you can tell it's him! Apart from Tom Robbins, i can think of an author who does totally original concepts EVERY TIME!!!

Tom Robbins got me into Osho and maybe you too?

In the last book i read 'Rant', i was reading about NLP ideas he incorporates in another book i was reading, he's broadcasting on a wave length and i'm only beginning to tune in, but it's happening, more and more.

And Fight club, well i read that one over Christmas and it totally switched my brain to a whole new level, what cam i say but, 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears'

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