Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ducky and me

Not Steve's Duck, but very alike indeed! 

Now, i don't know why i didn't take a picture of Couch surfer Steve Sertis duck, yes i said 'Duck', now 'on mature recollection' (That's a phrase Irish Politicians used to use quite often when cross questioned in court) ......ok.

Let me explain, Steve had a friend that had a duck, the duck went from home to home, since Steve isn't a big fan of the heat and doesn't go outside when he's at home, the duck gets the outside, he's got he inside, sounds fair doesn't it?
And it's pretty big, for one duck, he rules the roost, or what ever ducks do when they are in charge?

It's seems like a kinda relationship that works well, there are plenty of mosquito's all because of the duck's pool and the like, but there's fly screens, so there is no problem and Ducky's fed too, not bad, eh?

Trouble brewing?

Now, i was going to sleep one night and i swear the duck was outside the fly screen looking in at me shaking his tail and shaking his head as if to say
'Hey buddy, what are you doing in there, your not supposed to be in there!!'
You see in was dark outside and i saw the silhouette of a duck (i might have thought i was going mad, before going to bed and it was early too, only about 10pm) actually i might have been going mad, which seemed to focus my attention all the more clearer, on the duck (now i'm beginning to think i'm mad!)

So clear was my focus in fact, i came to the fly screen, to look down at a duck, looking up at me?

Did Ducky even know it was a duck? I was beginning to think it might think it was dog.

Was i dreaming that i was a duck, looking up at me? Or was i looking at the duck looking at me

But, all i wanted to do was sleep, i guess i wasn't in  much of a duck mood, at the time, the time being 10pm, now that mad!!

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