Sunday, 13 March 2011

Femme fatale's, there's was quite a few of them around

When i was in Perth, i went to the 'Femme Fatal' exhibition, it was an exhibition about bad girl or girls gone bad, in Australia, coke dealers, prostitutes, chicks that would do lots of damage, shoot yea, cut yea even!

Which is strange, in some ways, in that if you were to go into any nursing home and have a cup of tea with some old dearie and then to know her past, i could be like
'Mrs Sweeney, room 202? She's been around the block more times than the number 88 bus!'
Which could be a good reason in itself to get a few trams in for Perth, but i digress

Want to give up your life of crime, get a cardigan, then your half way there!!

I'd often wonder when people get old, is donning a cardigan a good way to cover the fact that you spent your youth selling your body for drugs and half the time coked up to your knot? It's a disguise that would defiantly work!!

I will have about 10 in my wardrobe, one for every day of the week....hmm, as i get older i expect time to slow down, considerably, the 7 days a week schedule, i expect to drag out to 10 days a week, well, you have to be able to look forward to something? If i get a pension, i want to be paid 10 days a week, but that's another story.

As we all know, Australia has a brutal past, some are very selective on the history they would like to remember at, these femme fatal women being no exception, except people do remember and the story was told.

One chick's sly grog place got raided by other criminals that wanted to kill a guy staying there, she came down the stairs and pumped a guy full of lead, literally, so much lead the guys body called it quits and his soul went off to be reincarnated as a donkey in Egypt, i expect?

Imaging meeting a woman like that, and being fooled by the old cardigan, butter wouldn't melt in my mouth, would you like a nice cup of tea? I just baked some scones? Cocaine scones probably?

Check out sweet Kate, if you don't believe me!

Some of the quotes from the exhibition:
Italian proverb
'Woman is rarely wicked, but when she is she is worse than a man'
Raymond Chandler, Farewell my lovely
'I like smooth shiny girls, hard boliled and loaded with sin'
Now, introducing my cousin Olivia.......a wanna be Fatale and very Femme?

Driving Miss Daisy takes a twist?

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