Friday, 18 March 2011

If God is watching us, the least we can do is be entertaining.

Chris Smither' Slow Suprise'

So, i would like to point out, since i've been staying with people that have internet 'on tap' and unlimited download limits, i have turned into a failbook whore!

 Although i do limit my time to failbook and email, it does tend to consume a little bit more time than anyone with 'Sense' would wish, so to add to a list of compulsive behavior people enjoy (since i dont suffer from it, i enjoy it too much)

Since most of the people i know on Failbook are basically dicks anyways, it's a wonder why anybody would bother?
Is it a slow surprise, that i should stop? It funny how you can 'know' some people for years and still not know much about them, maybe i need to do another 'friends culling' again? I do feel better for it, out with the old....

Washing hands is such an old compulsive disorder, i heard a story about a guy that had to turn on and off the light's as he left a room, the room he was leaving was the Male toilets, and it was full!

Because the guy with the compulsive disorder was drunk, he only turned the lights on and off 10 times and not the usual 20 times, not that you could tell if you normally have problems pissing straight normally and your shoe is getting wet and you haven't even started (it's a guy thing!!!)

I must check Failbook over 10 times as day and i'm not the worst, it would appear Failbook has over taken SMS for people that have internet on their phones and it is so DAMN addictive, in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia the kids, it would appear use it to bitch about each other and thats where the 'beef' starts, it doesn't happen face to face! The fights happen face to face though!!

Why couldn't i just get hooked on crack and maybe get into cocaine and hooker parties? If i was here and into that, there would be no problem, the problem would be solved.

Well, i wanted to do a story about the book i was reading, but fuck you Fail book, readers you get this, it had to be said

Now check out Eminem, if he's got something to say, he's going to say it!!

Eminem killing it on the Letternman show, very clever lyrics

I have great memories watching this, after comng back from 'A tribe called Quest' rap gig, then realizing drunk Steve from Gypsy bar had pissed on the couch, my pants contained all the evidence!!

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