Saturday, 12 March 2011

Neck Piercing anybody?

So, i got to Perth, then what happened?

This story starts back in (marvelous) Melbourne, i was out watching a band called 'The murder rats' with Michelle, Dave, Stewart (the designated driver) and myself,of course i was there, it's all about me!!

So we, me, myself and i were watching this band and a thought came to me, i think someone in from of me had a neck piercing, and my brain recieved a message from the universe,
'Get a neck piercing Kieran'

Murder Rats

The last time i felt something like that was at the Rainbow serpent festival, and that was the 'Get a tattoo', which i did and that was such a good experience, so why would the neck piercing be any different? What was i supposed to do?

Piercing, who says i'm old?

So, i get to Perth, walking in North bridge, i'm passing a piercing place, and in i go. Brain says do it, do it!!

What can i do? I dont do it, then and i went to Kalgoorlie, like any sensible person would have done. But before long, i found myself back in Perth, walking around, by myself (maybe i should have been supervised?) and i went into a piercing place and the brain was up to his old tricks.

When it comes to piercing's in Perth everybody says they are the best in town and dont get one anywhere else, i did go into a piercing place that was cheap-er, but they just weren't about piercings, i know this because they didn't have any and they wore white uniforms, which is nice, but not very rock and roll!

I would be like getting a tattoo from someone with no tattoos, if the tattooist doesn't sleep, eat, think, fuck? About tattoos, your in the wrong place

The piercing place was more like a opticians, which is cool, but it's not exactly what you want, not what i want, so i went back to the first place, paid $40 more and got a chick that lives, breathes, dreams piercing, and who would believe it, i had $120 on my card?

According to some, maybe the one's i know in Ireland the chick that gave me the piercing, would never get a job.
Who would employ them with piercings?
Who indeed?

We swiped the credit card, transaction was accepted and there was no backing off at that point and before long it was done, happy 34 years young (and apparently i was very brave...for a guy)

I got this at the gallery in Perth, i remember Stuart is big into box wars, now, box man!!
Box man

The security guard was telling me about the Irish cricket team that set world records, like i care? And i beat England, ok maybe anytime you beat England you got my attention, so he walked off the the other side of the gallery and he told me there was no cameras in that part i was in and he couldn't see anything once he was on the other side.

Yep, all because of cricket, so maybe something good has come out of cricket after all?

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