Monday, 14 March 2011

NLP and me

So, i went to the library last week and picked up a few book's, one  was NLP by Joseph O'Conner and the other was Rant by Chuck Palahniuk, i had just put the NLP book down and started reading Rant and it starts off with NLP concepts.

How crazy, the stuff i had been just reading in one chapter, is EXACTLY what Mr Chuck is writing about in his latest novel.

So, i was first introduced to NLP by a guy doing card tricks in San Francisco, he told me about it, i put it in my blog, so that i could read about it later and it turns out, later is last week and this week, food for thought aint no famine going on here!!

But some NLP notes...
Language of the Neurological level covers:

  1. Identity
  2. Belief
  3. Capability
  4. Behavior
  5. Environment

I found this article on how state works, on a neurological level (i stuck the whole article here, just so it will always be here)

So, it is often said that when you are in state, you can get attraction just by approaching and saying hi. If you are out of state, you have to use more humor, banter, etc to get a reaction. I was talking to a friend about this and remembered what I read about mirror neurons.
Basically the concept is that in order for you to interpret another person's physical behavior, your brain imagines what it is like if you were doing those physical actions, and infers how you would feel to be doing it. So, the reason porn is arousing is that on a subconscious level your brain is simulating the physical actions and sensations you are watching the porn star doing, and you are getting the emotional reactions that you would experience if you were actually doing it
Thus, if you are in state, and it shows in your body language, people you talk to will be observing your body language and on a subconscious level will start imagining what it is like to behave as you do, and then will start feeling as you do. Thus, your mere presence gives them good feelings. 
However, if you are out of state, but not actually off putting, you can put a person you are talking to in a good mood through clever conversation, funny jokes, flirting etc. Then, your brain begins mirroring her good body language, and puts you in state.

It's quite interesting, the NLP approach to meeting people is when you meet someone, you should 'pace' them, basically being at their same energy level, after that you can change it up, or 'lead them', but by being on their level, you get a better response, which would explain why everyone i meet thinks i'm crazy, i'm just excited most of the time, there is no other way i'd rather be, but this information is good to know, now that i know, yea know?

Pacing and leading:

And gaining rapport:

And Darren Brown on Rapport

I got some references for the 'state'
Body language
Reading body language

Quite interesting, indeed

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