Monday, 21 March 2011

On a rainy day, sit back and relax....

My personal body guard Scruffy, he really likes meat!!! Any kind will do!!!

So, i'm not sure if i decided to stay a little bit longer in Kalgoorlie, or it just turned out that way, i could have jumped in a car and went to Esperence (3 hours south on the coast) with a guy from the hostel the other day, but since i'm here to see my Auntie and her family and i dont know when i'll ever be back, i thought i'd stay as long as i could, then get the hell out of town, i do want to go north towards Darwin.

10 years ago i would have jumped in the car and went, but this is the problem getting old-er, the friends and family thing pulls you in a certain direction, probably up off of my ass?

And i have Scruffy to keep me company all day every day, he even sleeps in my room, he keeps a close eye on me every second of the day.

Part of the balcony

So, what to do in a town like this? Actually this post was supposed to be called 'Chuck Palahniuk and me', but yet again, the free style writing has morphed it into something on a different tangent altogether, which isn't a bad thing in itself, as this is the kind of thing i actually want to read myself .

 I've been reading lots, sipping beers on the balcony, eating fine food, listening to great music, been doing some core strengthening exercise's plus i'm back to doing hand stands, i've evolved to doing press ups while doing hand stands, to counter all the beer i've been consuming.

Do it bitches!!!!

I've been treating this place like a holiday, so i do what you would do on holiday, what would you do?

Balcony at night, same side as above

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