Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Poetry anyone? I knew 1, now i know another 1, that makes.....sense?

Hong Kong? Why not?
Well, if you went to school and i'm assuming a lot since your viewing this blog from what ever corner of the world you happen to be residing at this present moment, or.....

Or. maybe you think that you are the centre of the universe? I would give you 2 points for either answer, who's asking the questions again?

Anyways, i know 2 poems, 1 + 1 = 2 and here they are..

This poem used to be in the cubicle of the toilets (male) of the Great Britain bar in Richmond, now it is gone, the poetry that is, the toilet is still there, now what am i supposed to do a i try and lull myself into a relaxed state, while i empty my bladder, it just hasn't been the same!!

So, in an effort to right a terrible wrong, i will write it here and recorded now, i don't think i'll ever forget the poem, but maybe you could learn it and write it somewhere?

And i t could go on and on, until....someone might write a book about the origins of this poem? Archeologists, your evidence is here, commence digging now!!

 Or not, but here it is.....
Old Raffa is now leaving Hong Kong
He sadly didn't stay very long
But amongst the hustle and bustle
He found the muscle
He found the muscle
That makes the Chinese girls good at ping pong

Anyone for a game?

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