Tuesday, 8 March 2011

So, it was my birthday, Kieran hit the big Three four......

So, i went on a bit of a road trip to Perth, to be the responsible one to drive Steve back to Kalgoorlie.

Driving into Perth

I had a driving miss Daisy scenario in my head, a scenario that was put to sleep by doing 110 kms back to Kalgoorlie, apparently i have a lead foot?

How i thought i'd be driving back to Kalgoorlie

So, while it was my birthday down in Perth, we didn't have much other option other than try and celebrate it someway, Steve wanted to visit his old neighbour down in Mandura, so we went there.

Driving to Nevils in Mandurah

I remember my mother going on about Nevil and what a cracker he turned out to me, check out the videos.

Some of Nevils quotes were:
Gypsy saying: It's better to travel in hope than arrive
The only people i like are in my crosshairs
Travel with all you possessions on your left shoulder
If i come back to this earth i hope i come back as a deadly disease, i found the reference to that one 

In a mainstream news interview, HRH Prince Philip (1981) verbalized his concern that world overpopulation is more important that animal conservation, stating that:
I suspect that the single most important gift of progress to conservation has been the development of human contraception techniques. Yes, but you can’t legislate these problems away. You’ve got to get people to understand the need for it: the more important people, the ones who have responsibilities have got to do it because they’re at the receiving end. They’ve got to accept the measures.  
Prince Phillip later expressed the desire to be reincarnated as a deadly virus in order to reduce the human population by half (HRH Prince Philip, 1987) 
 What a cracker, for a very nice guy he had some pretty out there ideas!

He told me to read 'One crowded hour' by Tim Bowden and more Tim Winton, 'The Turning' and Dirt music, which i surly will

Driving back to Perth from Mandurah

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