Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sometimes things get complicated.....

Scruffy and life up in the air

So boys and girls, the Kalgoorlie days had to come to an end, there was a start, middle and end, i know this as i am now in Darwin, trying to remember it all, it happened, it could happen to you and 'What is it?' you say, 'It is it', of course, ''

Scruffy and a complicated girl?

Highlights of Kalgoorlie

  1. Coming into town with a guy that went on to drive to Sydney, non stop, we arrived in Kal at 1am Saturday morning, he got to Sydney Sunday 8pm, Crazy....but fun
  2. Hanging out with my Auntie and her family (especially Scruffy the dog, coz he's the best!!)
  3. Giving driving lessons to the tune of Triple J or if Scruffy was with us, Olivia's music
  4. Olivias comment as we went around the round about 'Can you put it in 2nd gear', Classic!!
  5. Drinking beers on the balcony
  6. Reading on the balcony, i think i might have even read a no smoking sign?
  7. Chit chatting with a Skimpy and thanking god i wasn't wasting my youth on a mining town chasing big $$$
  8. Paddys day, i won the door prize for best dressed Paddy?
  9. Regained old form for hand stands and now i can do push ups (it kept he beer belly away!!)
  10. A road trip back to Perth and back to Kalgoorlie, i was the driver with a lead foot on the way back!! 

Going to school in Kalgoorlie

Balcony school

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