Thursday, 17 March 2011

Tsunami, where you at?

So, it would appear i did it again.

So, i'll write this while listening to this, DJ Pierre - Gigolo mix, why don't you listen to him and read this and tell me if it makes any sense, cents, pence, do pence still make sense?
'Did what?' 
Your probably wondering...
'Your always doing something'
Too true, and i missed another Tsunami folks, do any of ye know that?

This one i missed in Japan, i'm supposed to be there now, eating sushi, getting bullet trains left and right and covering up my tattoos, just to prove i'm not a gangster (I'm so gangster, but only when my mom says i'm allowed)

Sri Lanka

The last big Tsunami in missed in Sri Lanka 2004, i missed it by a few days, i went back to Sri Lanka after that Tsunami 6 month later and saw all the devastation that happened on the west coast of the Sri Lanka coast line and it wasn't pretty.

For example where i stayed in Trincomalee got completely flattened by the Tsunami 

The first people to help were the Japanese truth be told, the people couldn't believe where all these Japanese people came from that were providing aid. The aid money that was sent by people all over the world was used to kick people off of their land to build government run resorts, so those people got screwed twice,it was very convenient for the government

The bus driver's in Sri Lanka weren't driving so crazy the 2nd time, you'd have to see a bus driver to risk the life of 2 bus loads of people and more in overtaking to know this, maybe they seen enough death and they would have and change their ways?

Apart from the devastation, most of the cool people i would have met would have been killed, the funny thing was the people that lived in harmony with nature saw the animals behaving strangely and took to the hills!!

This probably wasn't the case with the Japanese consumer society glued to iPhones and any gadget invented by man to distract the masses from the preset moment, there are too many people distracted from the present moment and not to mention the Hikikomori culture.

Here come da pain!!

Now, just before the Sri Lanka Tsunami, one of my ex team leaders Deb read a book on Tsunami's and as part of an email to say 'hello', told me all these interesting facts, that seemed useless facts, to any normal person, which is exactly why i remembered them all, at the time, of course (those facts are sadly buried in the vaults of my cranium, only to be released when i'm not suffering from, but enjoying Dementia, probably while i'm getting my sponge bath from a nurse) and thats a fact!

Tsunami hits Japan

So when the Tsunami happened, while i was safely in Northern India, i was able to rattle off all these Tsunami facts, much to the bewilderment of my fellow travelers, who had never heard of Tsunamis, sponge baths or why anybody would enjoy Dementia?

So, the reason i couldn't go to Japan was out too long before, (3 years minus 2 day) having a good time and if truth be told, i just got back to Australia a day or 2 before the door would have closed on me, so by some strange calculation by the Immigration department, i couldn't leave and i tried everything to leave!
I was leaving to go to my sisters wedding in May and take in Japan, Malaysia, the Roskilder festival, Berlin along the way, so now what to do? 

Brain said 
'Go to West Australia' 
And i did, i decided to go for a month, now the month i up tomorrow and i'll be staying on, Darwin is calling, don't you know?

All the omens were good too for WA, my library gave me a book called Flood tide, for Valentines day present, all wrapped up, lovingly, lovely right? 
Yep, except now they want it back the dirty whor$s, where's the love? Is there such thing as unconditional love anymore? 
But, i can take a joke, we are only here for a short time on this ancient earth, anyways, is that maybe a lesson too?

I got to Perth, all the couch surfers were amazing, i went from Couch surfer to couch surfer in Maylands (Selby), East Freemantle (Steve) to Riverton (Fillippo) everything flowed, i even met a chick for 30 seconds after getting of fat the wrong train stop that knew my auntie in Kalgoorlie (over 700kms away)

It was like i was supposed to be in WA and i've been having a whale of a time!

Not having a whale of a time?

I wasn't supposed to go to Japan at all and my brain kept saying 'Go back to Brazil Kieran'

And the Tsunami happened, now, if anyone has a Guardian Angle, it's me, i probably had 10 in the past, now i probably have just one on the pay role (is it another sign of a world wide recession) and I'm not so crazy anymore, i just don't have the energy, like i did, but people still think i'm crazy, but i know i'm not, which is strange too. 

An artist's impression of my Guardian Angel 

It seem i like i'm some kind of Bear Grills for avoiding natural disaster. Which is interesting, the show i watched the other night he said 

'If you work with nature and not against it...'
Now let me have this little rant...
It seems to me too many people are living 'unnatural lives', from living in sky scrapers, the food we eat, life styles, artificial lights, mining and the general disregard for nature, throw in a nuclear melt down and the list goes on.

Bear Grills, does he have all the answers?

The Shaman i hung out with in Peru told me there is only the Pachamama (mother earth) there is nothing else, which makes sense, since the people that know this all too well survived in Sri Lanka by observing their natural surroundings.

I was telling my Aunties husband the world need's to rethink how they value how well economies are doing, the king of Butan i son to something when he measures his country by 'Gross domestic happiness', the progress thats been going on in the last few years has been an Emperors new clothes progress and who's laughing now? Whales?

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