Thursday, 31 March 2011

Alice springs, i was there Alice Todd never made it, who the Fu$k is Alice?

So, i flew from Perth to Alice, it was time to get out, i spent enough time in Perth to get to know Perth and i think Perth got to know me too, so it was up, up, up in the air, Mr Quatas pilot take me to somewhere else.

On the way there, i saw Ayers rock from above, very interesting, indeed, especially now that i remember seeing a movie called 'The man from Hong Kong', it starts off with a Heroin deal gone wrong on top of this sacred rock, quality movie, it's a cross between 'Mad Max' and a Jackie Chan movie!!

A movie that could never be made again

I was going somewhere, that somewhere else was Alice Springs, i saw couch surfer David was going to Confest, so David picked me up from the Airport and showed me the sights, which included the look out tower and the spring that's not a spring, that was named after Alice Todd, who never made it to Alice Springs (that's not really a springs)

Nice work Alice, you could have been a Queen, do you know that? Queens-land, Alice-land, little wonder?

Mud tribe at Confest

I had no 'real' intention of visiting Alice Springs, but i was going to Darwin, the road was flooded north of Kalgoorlie, David was driving to Confest, but the back road was flooded and he was going to Adelaide first, i was keeping my options open and low and behold something came up.

That something was a text from a Norwegian guy called Inglemar, he was going to Darwin, the guy from Taiwan was looking at notice boards hoping to get a ride share, Inglemar saw an ad i posted on  couchsurfing (that i forgot about), so we were off to Darwin.

 I did manage to go out one night with some couchsurfers, we had cheap meals at some back packers, followed by a few jugs of beer, then it was off to the next place and the place after that was the Casio, it think it's the luckiest Casino in the world!

Feeling lucky?

Someone forgot their ID, so while i was waiting for the crew to come back, i played Roulette for 10 minutes, (Once you go black you never go back) I won a fair bit, so the first round was on me, then i had a dance, played more, danced, played, i seemed to win win a fair bit, i put $2.50 on number 8, i won $75 plus i put money on black, it was black i won more.

So we went home, i got home, i went back to the casino, played some more, won, came back to sleep and slept.

 Enter the Crazy guy

Then at some stage all hell broke loose, some guy was smashing the fly screen trying to get in, David comes running out, it turned out an ex tenant was so drunk he didn't realise he didn't live there any more. It turns out he was a security guard, David calls the cops, on the security guard, the Taiwanese guy was telling me when it was all going down, 'Oh no, the Irish guy is gone crazy', i had to laugh, one day i will be normal, tomorrow?

I am supposed to be in Japan and i'm not CRAZY!!!

My only 'real' objective in Alice was to try and find the 2 American lesbians that i met at Rainbow Serpent, butt since google told me Alice Springs is the Lesbian capital of Australia, there was little or no hope meeting them there.

I cant remember their names and i know it wouldn't matter, it was the Rainbow Serpent festival, after all!

It didn't stop me from asking people though, i got pretty much the same response, once people stopped laughing, which they eventually did, but it was fun, it reminds me of that day i was looking for a button in Quebec, i didn't find one, but i had a lot of fun 'shopping' for one, which only proves, shopping is fun!!

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Darwin to alice springs said...

By reading your article i think you have very much enjoyed your travelling.
Two years before i have visited Perth. This place is so nice, something is so unique that feels me very much re freshness and i want to visit this place again. If i get any vacation i will go to Perth with my family.

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