Saturday, 2 April 2011

Cos i like........Birds!!

Video is from Alice Springs

I saw these birds carry on around the pool, where i was staying with couch surfer David in Alice Springs and i thought to myself
'I dont want to be reincarnated as a Butterfly or a Spider monkey, i wanna be like these guys!' 
Ans truth be told, the birds did sound like monkeys  and oh the fun they were having!! I was actually jealous, it was the sunset, i was still a bit hungover and they were having a dip in their bird bath, i was after doing a few back flips in the pool, so i suppose i had my fun?

Then the parrots came in, to see what the big deal was and one of them went to the bird bath and looked in and seemed very confused, he didn't take the plunge and i was watching the whole time! I was saying 'Jump, jump, jump!', but he looked at the water and flew off, it was like he had the experience, but missed the meaning

Road trip

Source of the Katherine river

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