Thursday, 28 April 2011

Darwin has a park and stuff, so we went there

Day trip to the park

So, a lot has happened since i was tanning myself in Darwin and looking at birds, probably the coolest birds in the world, probably?

So, i went to Darwin and took in the sights, sights being reading while it was raining (is that a sign of multi tasking?)

So the agenda in Darwin included hanging out with Couch surfer Kim, going to Woolworths every day to get discounted salad and bread, after 5pm bread gets discounted, which might not mean much to much folks, but if your Kim, thats a bargain to be had and we did it.

Kim leads a very secretive life, so this is the best i can do

Kim would wander in with no shoes or shirt and people would try not to stare, Kim didn't care as long as the salad was discounted and he would eat it like a bag of chips, i'm glad to say i've taken his salad eating habit up and if the salad is discounted, sweet!!

One time, i was in the bottle shop, they have a strict policy of not selling to people that dont wear shoes, The sign said
'Alcohol will not be sold if you are not wearing shoes'
Kim wanders in to talk to me, a girl stocking shelves tells him he has to leave as he's not waring shoes, Kim points out, he's not there to buy alcohol, he doesn't drink, she tells him get out anyway, it was pretty funny as the sign should of said 'No entry permitted to persons not wearing footwear or the like?

Kim has started doing city tours of Darwin, walking ones and he was kind enough to bring me on one, he covered the bombing of Darwin.

Did you know that Darwin was actually bombed 58 times and not once? No, well neither did i, but the government was terrified that people might panic if they knew how bad the attacks were, so they lied and everyone believed it and everyone lived happily ever after, well almost and cyclone Tracy came through town and tore Darwin a new arsehole, maybe it came from Japan? Not that i know, but i'm not ruling it out!!

 I saw Sweetheart, the notorious croc that they caught with a roadkill dingo, once they catch a croc in a croc trap, they can never be re released into the wild, it would appear that crocs are really smart and wont fall for the same trick twice

We met some couchsurfers at the usual Friday night hangout, the 2nd time we went it absolutly bucketed down, turns out the wet season was supposed to be over 6 weeks previous, but it wasn't, my ears got wet and when i looked up, my face got wet!! Stupid mother nature!!

I ended up at the Casino a few times, as per usual, when you start winning big, you forget the rules you want to play by and start playing by the rules the casino wants you to play by, Stupid Casino! I did have a good time

Meet the wonderful Sylvia

So, i stayed the last 2 nights in Sylvia's place, Sylvia has a pool, very nice!! And i like to practice my back flips, because when you can do them, it's no fun, no fun at all!! Sylvia's boyfriend did one the first time he tried, impressive, and then we were diving for coins, oh what fun, i'm just glad i'm old enough to appreciate it.

Crabs on the beach

I must of listened to this A LOT, i wouldn't have it any other way, how do you want it?

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