Friday, 29 April 2011

From Darwin to Rat-alaide


So it was time to leave Darwin, i was beginning to think if that time would ever come? I spent the last 2 nights with the amazing couch surfer Sylvia, my pure Chinese friend, her housemate and pool, nothing fazes her, even a visit from me.

Sylvia and myself

Hold up, hold up, did you say 'pool'? Yes i did and i entered VIA back flipping, the only decent way to enter a swimming pool, did you know that?

So the last night ended in me losing my phone after drinking a little too much Jim Beam, i dont think Jim would have been too cool with that, or maybe he would, who knows?

The next day, i got some guy to call the number and some sergeant answered it at the cop shop.
So, off i went to get it, then Sylvia called me to tell me she was home from work, she didn't have work, but she went and found out she didn't have work, i once went to school when there was no school, is this history repeating?

So after a quick 'Hello', 'Goodbye', no dice, no pay she was back.

So, it was turning out to be another fortunate day in the life of Kieran O'Callaghan, yet again and with that i decided the best thing to do would be to go to the casino and use some of that luck.

Some asian guy next to me at the casino must of gambled 60k in less than an hour, he was gambling 2k on every spin of Roulette, i lost $90, then won $130, i got out of the game.

I had to feel sorry for the guy bitting huge, he was making impossible bets, he wasn't going to win what he was betting, i only it was his money that he lost and he wasn't working in a bank on his lunch break, ouch, it would be enough to make any bank manager choke on his ham sandwich, maybe too even a lesbian working in a sperm bank? Who knows?

All that, at lunch time, in Darwin, Charles Darwin, what would he say about the evolution of the species that frequent Casinos?

Confused? You might not be the only one looking confused!

So i left a bit early, i left about 5.5 hours too early, i was glad to go to the place where planes go up in the air, and take the air road over the Stewart highway, the highway where many back packers went missing.

Rat-alaide here i come, to hang out in bogan central, the home of Holden Commodore, rev heads, bad drivers, cold weather and willy warmers.

Something to keep your brains warm

My couch surfer friend Paula picked me up from the airport and brought me to Casa Fisher, she took the day off, so, hanging tired, off we went to the city for Sushi train and it was epic!!

The next night we went to hear a band called 'Fallen Sunrise' practice, had some beers, had a smoke, fell asleep, laughing at the kids luminous stickers of stars and moons on the celling, the stickers were probably made for kids, but in my state it was hilarious!!

It's the funniest way i can think of to go to sleep!!

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