Thursday, 28 April 2011

The planning is everything and the plan is nothing

Autumn with a bang ( i did have a nice picture with an Autumn feeling, but this was wrong, it wasn't mine, and someone probably sweated blood sweat and tears for it and i used it)

So i found another photo for all the people, it's not Autumn, but that's life i guess?

You'l be pleased to know, Kieran has turned a new leaf and i like leaves, Maple ones, especially in the Autumn. I know this as i once ventured up state New York, my New York state of mind demanded it, they cal it the fall and it was one of the most amazing sights to behold.

I saw pictures of my friend Janet kicking leaves in Korea, but they weren't Maple's, but Janet had the experience and we both know the feeling!

But enough of leaves in my continuing quest to be normal, i've decided to pay closer attention to:
1, Pacing people
2, Reading situations
Not that i don't already, these are NLP techniques i learnt, so why dont i practice them?

Right so, sez the brain we'll try those and see how we go.

Also, i will be committing to history, binge drinking and drinking by myself, only responsible drinking from here on in, from responsible Kieran.

Good plan

Sounds like a plan and a plan i intend to keep!!

Bad plan

And i have to throw this one in, since i mentioned leaves

Autumn Leaves

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