Friday, 1 April 2011

We're off to Never Never land...............

Alice Springs Telegraph station

So, myself and Rodger got dropped off at the back packers, to get a ride up to Darwin and before long we were off with the Norwegian Inglemar.

Life is the road and the road provides, we didn't have insurance, only the most very basic, any little bumps and scrapes would come out of someones pocket, that or else keep on driving or run like hell!!

The Inglemar didn't seem too disturbed, we were in his jeep and that's where this rant starts, the road, pot holes and all.

The story is about the road, the Stewart highway, a guy called Charles Todd was pretty keen on putting  a telegraph line from Adelaide to Darwin, for the purposes of communicating with London, so that's why the road was built.

The Afghan cameleers helped open up the interior of the country, it's interesting Afghan/Pakistan cameleers originally supplied camels to Burke and Wills journey and they did a similar journey up thought the middle of the country.

We passed water holes on the Stuart highway on the way up, now they are historical markers to take a few snap shots, but back in the old days, they were the difference between life and death, we were riding at 130kms most of the way, with air-conditioning, so as you can imagine, things have changed a bit from them old days?

Believe this?

The first place we called to was Wycliffe the UFO capital of Australia, lost of stories of bright lights, Agent Mulder would be getting erections hearing bits of those stories

Moving along, we went up the road to catch the end of Devils Marbles sunset, which was spectacular

Devils Marbles sunset

Equally spectacular was the mosquito's, they were CRAZY plus hungry, i had to get back to the car and stay there, Rodger and Inglemar tried putting up a tent, i opened the door of the car at one point to ask them something and Inglemar starts jumping up in the air and slapping himself and he says
'Man, it's crazy!!'
I had to laugh and close the door, it probably answered a few questions for me, not that i was going to be asking any more questions, or going out in that, I've never heard mosquito's that loud before!

Eventually they put the tent in the boot and got the hell out of there, to the next town and go a hostel, the local have never seen so many insects, it would have been crazy to camp, i'd doubt Bear Grills would do it, why should we?

The next day we passed through Never Never land, they made a movie about the place and the woman's story, maybe you should check it out and get back to me with a review reader? Hmmmm?

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