Thursday, 26 May 2011

Byron bay, i forgot how beautiful it was, what was i thinking?

Videos are from Byron bay

So, our story begins before Byron bay, stayed with Vince in South port, he was the first true blue Aussie i met in Queensland and i was impressed, very impressed, i havent met a guy like him in a long time, he was telling me a crazy story of how he got drugged, stole a taxi along the way to get away and banged up in jail in Thailand for 4 month, for his trouble, with his 2 big opals stolen, it was stuff for a block buster Hollywood movie, except his story was true.

Who said the west is the best?

So Byron bay wasn't far, so i went and to tell the tooth or truth, i was blown away on how amazing it was, i didn't remember it ever being that amazing, one day i saw a YHA poster for Nimbin, so i went there and spent a few more days that i thought.

To tell the truth i was really relaxed in Byron bay, when i hit Nimbin i was ultra relaxed and sleeping about 10 hours a day, which is about twice my normal.

I got there just after the Mardigras festival, it wasn't so much a hippy festival as a good place to meet cops from Sydney with their dogs, with great noses, the nose knows.

But the people of Nimbin dont really care what the cops think, they do what they want to do anyways, and we did it, rock and roll!!

As soon as you check in to the hostel, there were people rolling, or as i like to call it, doing a bit of arts and crafts, it's good to be crafty! Which is essential as there are quite a few security cameras about the main street in Nibin, big brother is watching, so all business was conducted off the street away as Jay Z would say 'Streets is watching'

Goat and light house

It was funny too, one day i was having a beer in the awesome beer garden, with a long sleeves i am wearing and i get a look off of a guy to say 'Fuck off cop', i have never gotten a look like that, especially when people see the tattoos, i wanted to say 'Hey man, i'm one of ye', but i had to laugh!

I was on the last Ansett flight from Melbourne to Sydney, Ansett who?

I got the Happy bus to Nimbin and back, so here's the history lesson, the guy was telling me about the Kon-Tiki voyage raft and the oldest trees in the world are the Wollemai pine, its been dated to 200 million years, i guess thats pretty old, it's older than i can remember so who am i to argue, i'm just happy to say, some guy said it and leave it at that!

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