Thursday, 12 May 2011

Confest was on

Festival starts Kieran spies a sign that says 'Cookies for sale' and thats where i turned into a cookie monster, i bought 10 the first day and i was in business and then i got some more before all the other bastards ate them all!

Some of the workshops i attended were:
- The art of kissing
- Getting a home loan, which was interesting as last year i was stressing out about getting a home loan and buying into the Fitzroy dream, after last years Confest i realised buying into that dream (illusion) would be my nightmare
- I went to a whole load of relationship's type of workshops
- I went to 12 steps recovering from addiction and they started reading the bible, that was my signal to get out

I walked up to one workshop, some guy in a hat said
 'All right Kieran man'
I could swear i've never seen that guy in my life!
I listened to some professor answer questions hippies had about the universe
I saw a laughter group, i heard about a cuddle party, it's popular stuff!!

Cuddle party

When the lights in the sky went low, i retreated to the gay camp, they had all my food in the jeep and there were mice that would nibble on anything, one Swiss girl had her cask of goon attacked by mice, the result was a tent floor, full of goon, not pretty!!!

Laughter group

This guy, i am not!!

So, as i ate my food, i got to hear the gay guys bang on about their sex lives, trying not to choke on any food and then off i'd be to see the other camp fires.
If your not gay, it's too much.

The festival had lots of colorful gay characters, the festival is more outrgeous because of them, if you can shock a gay guy it must be pretty shocking!!

Something festive?

One of the characters Arthur, was a rampant gay, with a big belly!! Bigger than Santa Clause, i heard all about his steam room (it's a team game, i believe?) endeavors.

One day i aw him out side his truck, in his bithday suit after sticking my head out of the tent and i managed a 'Your looking well Arthur', it was one of those moments, it's not often you see  naked Santa taking a piss.

Arthur got back in his van, i went over for a chat, and i had 4 eyes looking at me from under blankets, which was funny, because i though i saw 1 pair of eyes get in to the van, and the other pair was about 25 years younger than the 'Santa lover', was it a gay reproduction thing? But it was Confest, anything goes!

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