Saturday, 21 May 2011

The early bird gets the worm

The early bird gets the worm...and i should know, i saw one eating a worm while waiting for my couch surfing host Vince to wake up one day, oh how i laughed!!

So, i got to the Gold Coast, Couch surfer Kate was stuck in traffic, so i made my was to South Port to hang out with Vince, one of the coolest 51 year old's you will meet, we went to Couch surfer Andrew for a BBQ, beers more wine, fall over the step and wake up thinking 'What happened again?', that was what i was thinking, Vince looked half dead, so i went to meet Kate, her house mate Kate and go to the Dutch Party.

..and i'm cracker ass fantastic

So i went, on the way another couch surfer called me, inviting me to the same party, since i was on my way, what the hell? I've never been invited to the same party twice, just after getting into a town i didn't know, but this is Queensland and it was beginning to work it's magic on me!!

 Kate explains

I had coffee with Kate and her friend before going to the party, and who did i see advertised to play in the Coolie, the day my sister was getting married, none only than 'Dirt Nasty', the rapper Ali from New York introduced me to, she was flying out on the 13th, he was playing on the 14th, it was all getting a bit too much to digest, the right place, the right time all the signs were good for Queensland!!

Hip hip hurrah for Queensland!!

Did someone say 'Cracker ass fantastic?

Introducing Dirt Nasty

I didn't bother looking at any guide book, i thought i'd let myself be surprised, and i am surprised? Now i want to move here, it comes as a complete surprised!!

Over the border, it's like Mexico, but in Australia

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