Friday, 20 May 2011

I love the dough more than you know

Confest is not about $$, but you need $$ for cookies and off i went to get $$.

Cookies dont come cheap, or maybe they would if you knew the right people and i wasn't taking any risks, i wanted to eat them all, so to get the $$ i went on a road trip with Simon (from Sweden) and Pete (festival director from England)

My card had been declined in the previous due to a trip to the Adelaide Casino, Adelaide Casino, your a bad casino, you wanted all my money!! Especially since i was up about $150, how Rude!!

I spotted a Combank and in i went and got $200 from the account i created in Darwin
The story with that account is, if you have a NAB account, i do and you go in to combank and open a new account, i did and put in $500, they will give you $100 in 6 weeks, i take the $100, then close the account, fuck you Commonwealth bank a second time.

Brain says:
 'Ungrateful Kieran, those Combank whores are good to you'

They were good, and exceptional at charging fees! But they are still whores that fleeced me over seas, i will enjoy closing that account as much as the first time i closed it!!

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