Thursday, 26 May 2011

I used to have a handle on life, but it broke

So, i came back to Melbourne, Autumn was kicking in, i was feeling a bit drained, after a week in Confest, one of the best festivals you will go to ever!!

I got a ride back to Melbourne with one of the gay guys, which was handy as there were lots of teenagers trying to hitch rides from people that brought everything, the kitchen sink, wife, girlfriend and the other girlfriend, to share of course, sharing is caring, after all?

I put the festival behind me, Melbourne was in front of me and i had 2 more cookies on the way back and enjoyed all the amazing colors on the way back from the safety of the passengers seat, what a road trip.

The gay guy was getting a bit hungry, one of his comments was
'I haven't been eating cookies, like you Kieran' 
He probably thought i was rude not giving him a cookie, but i didn't want to say..
'Hey buddy, you dont want to be munching what i'm munching, we would be dead!'
So, i was 2 night back in Melbourne and i was off again, i didn't have a clue what i was going to do in Queensland, i didn't really want to go, but i got my tax return and there was no point in hanging around in Melbourne until the end of the financial year, which is the end of next month (30 June), so it was off to a warmer climate i was, so i went off and let the Queensland experience happen and did it, what!

So, i didn't know anything, no guide book, but the first impressions of the Gold coast was:

  1. Expensive buses if you pay cash, get a Go card, it's 30% cheaper
  2. The people are really friendly
  3. The girls are really nice
  4. People are curious and not Cynical
  5. The coast line was really beautiful
  6. The people i met were from there and not passing through and it showed, it like the differences between New York and Boston
  7. The attitude was very laid back
  8. There is no rush, rush hour or rat race
  9. It was warm, Melbourne is a tat chilly
  10. The prices of houses, skate boards, surfboards were fair, if not cheap
  11. The houses are the old style houses that i've only seen in movies
  12. It's the Australia i've always wanted to experience, that doesn't exist anywhere else
  13. You can talk to anyone and have a chat
  14. There wasn't any social problems, areas that weren't good areas are quite nice
  15. If i'm going to buy anything in Australia, it will be there
  16. If i stay in Melbourne, in 10 years time i will be in the same position i'm in now
  17. I can take up surfing again, start skate boarding
  18. Your close to Byron bay, Sunshine coast, rain forests
  19. There is a new football team, the Gold Coast Suns, like how any team is formed, the place is growing, people will be coming and they will experience what i have and they will want that too, so now is the best time to go.
  20. When i become a citizen (early next year) i will be eligible for a first time buyers allowance 
  21. It's so easy to meet good people and they seem to care about people and it's not about them
  22. They have the catamaran water taxis and at sunset and night time, it is beautiful to see it all
  23. My boxes were already packed, i was ready to go
  24. Like Warren Buffet when he is figuring out if a deal is good, 'If the choice is not screaming at you, dont do it', well the autoimmunity of Brisbane was screaming at me
  25. I can always come back to Melbourne, if the worst comes to worst
  26. There is some of the best surf breaks in the world
  27. I can get a $25 flight to Melbourne, it's cheaper to fly there than put fuel in you car in Melbourne and drive to the beach
  28. The airport in the Gold coast is next to Collengatta beach and the hostel is near the beach
  29. I had one of the best days in my life at Dream world, i went on all the rides, again and again and ...

 Do i need to go on?

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