Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I was at Confest from foreplay till, lets get the hell out of here!!!

So, i got to Confest, a few days before anybody else, i got there when it was an empty field, but that was soon to change.

The first night we got there, gay crew and the mascot straight guy, i was the biggest non gay in the village.
So, only volunteers are allowed on site before the festival, so i volunteered and i payed full price too.

Here's what went down, in we went and had dinner, then we were off to one of the directors camp for home brew burbon, which was exceptional stuff, this was obvious but the quantities people were indulging.

One of the Directors Brian told me my heritage was Spanish, which makes sense and strange coming from a guy that doesn't know me.

I dont think i fit to well into the Irish sterotype any more, all this being over seas has changed me, for the better maybe, but dont judge me until my last breadth and as long as that last breadth is on top of an 18 year old cocktail waitress, you can say what you Fu$kin well like after that, i'm done!!
God, if your really up there, my only wish is that i go as i come?

Cocktails anybody?

I met another director, Eamonn, i think, he seemed very switched on, he told me he really enjoyed our conversation, the thing that amazed me was he was quoting stuff not many farmers would know about.

We covered just bout everything, the past, present, future, land, markets, a very interesting guy, he must have been loaded too!!

He didn't even get too peterbed when the irate Tepi village rocked up bitching about the gay guys camping on where he wanted to camp, you snooze, you lose, oh the hippy dramas!!

The Eamonn the farmer, continued with his story and didn't give the irate Tipi man a second consideration, very impressive!

For a hippy festival, you'd think there would be 'Peace and love', but behind the scenes it's all 'Love and Peace off', how strange?

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