Sunday, 26 June 2011

Last day, i smashed up the Bungee...again!!!

Bungee 1

So, it was my last day in Cairns, i was feeling a bit hungover (i am getting older, maybe a bit wiser) i was having problems locating my bag, i was sure i left it in the Woolshed bar the night before, i wouldnt know until the place opened.

So, in the meantime i had time to kill, i had enough of killing brain cells for the time being, so there was nothing for it, only to go bungee jumping again.

My brain said
'Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get your ass bungee jumping'

...and i did...

Bungee 2

My favorite way to go and i wasn't going to do a back flip on it, well i was and i wasnt..
Bungee 3

The old fashioned way, a Swan dive, respectable enough...
Bungee 4

Bungee 5

One last time, off the roof, you have to go!!
Bungee 6

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Captain Cook and me

Photos are from the Cape Tribulation tour

I got rid of the Mad Monday Mohawk

So in an effort to be normal and get some sleep, i decided to head to Cape Tribulation, the trip sort of presented itself to me after i spent a few hours going to some other hostels in town, needed to find some normality, a new hostel seemed like the easiest way to achieve this

This was after spending a week partying, including gold fish racing, wet-t shirt competition's, drinking every night.

So i paid up, all i had to do was be at reception next morning, which i was and we were off, i jumped in a bus and the driver took us there, hallelujah!!

It could have been a friendly cat!

Along the way, this is what i learnt...

Captain Cook was the first winging pom.

It would appear the Captain was up around the Cape and and the natives were most hostile, it's just not cricket, so he though the best thing to do was to get back to civilization, where? England, of course! And with great haste, the only thing is, he decided all of this, during a full moon, at night and traversed over a reef.

Now it would appear, the first rule in Sailing is, never ever, ever sail during a full moon, at night over a reef, but who would dare tell this famous captain? It would be pointing out the obvious now wouldn't it?

A Cassowary (The most dangerous bird in the world)

It would seem to be obvious enough, even for the land lovers? He's not looking like such a great captain anymore, is he?

So, in a last ditch effort they threw everything off of the boat, got the people off, and as luck would have it (was this the first of British luck?) a tide came in, lifted the boat, the coral lodged in the boat came with the boat and acted like a plug, by this stage they had the spare sail nailed down over the bottom of the boat to seal the ship. They were out of danger, hip hip hurrah!!

Cassowary's have their problems too!

So instead of heading home for a cup of tea, he had to sail 100kms up the coast to whats now known as Cooks town and beach the ship on a sand bar to make emergency repairs

How did Cape Tribulation get its name? Apparently Cook's diary said 'Here lies out trials and tribulation', near there is Mount Sorrow, aptly named as they all thought they were going to die and Cook's journal described it as an impenetrable jungle, good for nothing except danger.

Whats funny is, the Aboriginals were given the cape, as it was thought up until the 70's in Australia that rain forests were absolutely useless, this was after the aboriginals were kicked off their agricultural land that was useful to the white fellas.

Who would have thought that more than 1 million people would want to see the Daintree/Cape Tribulation rain forest every year? And the Aboriginals get a cut of the action, for letting tourists pass through their lands?

Now, i went to Cape Tribulation to chill out, get sleep, after getting very little sleep in Cairns, the first night i got a few hours, with some snoring guy in my room.

The second night, there was a big rain storm, very windy, noisy, i was cold = NO SLEEP

The next morning i asked the chick on reception if i could lie down until my bus came, she said no, politely, to which i politely said that i just felt like choking someone, it was like that.

The most efficient predator in the world, this follow is getting rid of excessive heat via the tail, plus he is sensing the river life VIA the tail

I can do without sleep more that anyone, but there comes a point where enough is enough, you just need to get a bit of shut eye.

It's funny Captain Cook was there on the 10th of June 1770 and i was there 10th of June 2011, 241 years on to the date, and Cape Tribulation is still driving people mad!!

Conclusive proof that history really does repeat itself?

Friday, 24 June 2011

What the hell is in Cairns, besides warm weather? I said

So, i had a flight to Cairns, i didn't really know what i was going to do there, oh yeah, i could have looked in a book and done some research, but where's the fun in that? So, i sent a few couch surfing requests and i got one reply, from a Journalist called Mike in Yorkies and i went thinking something would happen/fall into place and it did, in the strangest of ways.

So i got to Cairns at 2am, absolutely wrecked tired, jumped in a taxi and got to Mikes, in Mikes profile he did say he was 'a gay backpacker serial killer', how funny would it have been if he actually was and the last thing i heard from this world was, 'I did try telling you, but you wouldn't listen', yep that would have been funny and quite true too!

So, while i Cairns i went on the 'Uncle Brians' rain forest tour of the Atherton Tableland

This is the 'famous' Timotei shampoo ad waterfall

Atherton Tableland (we went South to Inisfail and around and back to Cairns)

When we were leaving Cairns there was a Mc Donalds that was being finished, when we came back there was a big queue in the drive through, what a business! There are building quite a few of Mc Donalds in Cairns now

Everyone wanted the perfect modeling shot

On the way back we swam in an old Volcano crater

This woman hangs out every day, waiting for the tour to pass

The modeling went on, i think only 1 person didn't get their photo taken

And on....

So i came back to Melbourne for a week...

So i came back to Melbourne for a week, to round up the horses and ship em off to Brisbane, the so it seems 'Real Australia', the Australia i didn't think existed anymore

So, i couch surfed at Cassie B's in South Yarra, my mortal enemy suburb, now i'm getting quite used to it and the rent is quite reasonable (the rent for the couch being $0, very reasonable indeed!)

Previously it was the wrong side of the Yarra river and i wasn't the only person to share this view, since more and more locals have vacated north of the river, the differences between north and south are becoming less and less and more like 'same same'

If you dont know your neighbors, you livin in da hood (but don't tell the folks here that) i learnt a little bit of the local history of the area and i have been meeting quite a few dogs while roaming the streets, and some owners connected to the end of the leashes.

A bit of history?
Now, Prahran means 'Land partially surrounded by water', the locals used to call it 'Poor swampy Ann'. In front of the Town hall, is where Aboriginals used to meet up and have their celebrations, which sometimes involved throwing boomerangs, it must of been a great display, things got a bit crazy when the white fellas gave the natives some fire water, it must of been some sight with boomerangs coming in to land from left and right?

My auntie sent over boomerangs to us when we were about 12, we made some more and threw those ones, it was only luck that no one was injured or kiled, getting in Cork by a native Australian hunting tool would have been strange news, indeed?

Throwing pattern of a boomerang

In other news, i got invited to Cassie's parents for a Sunday roast, Eliza was a bit stressed about going, i told her don't worry, i will stress you out more than your mother, to which she replied 'I'll cut your throat' and she wasn't joking either!! I had to laugh, dinner went down a treat, i got to meet the dog Harry, the King Charles Spaniel, with bulging eyes!

It's funny, he did a bit of growling at me when i was first there, but as it turns out, if there is anything new, furniture, pictures ...ect in the house, he is very suspicious of it. Last night i saw him be suspicious of a small Shakespeare bust, very observant dog, his talents are wasted as a house dog

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Those that do not hear the music think the dance is crazy...

I stayed one last night in Coolingatta before jet setting back to Melbourne, cold Melbourne, i bought a new hoodie, couch surfer Andrew bought one too, i went surfing, one last time, and i was all ready for Melbourne.

Hopper from the hostel dropped me off at the airport, his parting words were
'I know i will see you again'

Cassie (hung over!!)

Since i already had a flight back to Melbourne from Cairns to Melbourne, it cost me 1 cent and a $25 flight to the Gold Coast, and somewhere to stay, Casa Cassie, it made some sense to come back, say good bye to some more people and then go.

My friend Stuart was telling me about a song where some guy says 'goodbye' every week, has a good bye party and he's back the next week, i dont think i will be doing that, but now there's a colud of ash over Melbourne, whats a fella like me to do? And the accommodation is quite agreeable, Couchsurfing with Cassie.

The best i can do is 'Goodbye again' by Mike Stern

Another reason i wanted to fly into the Gold coast, i because someone stole my hoodie in Revolver, i was going to go back and get another one, the exact one and i promised myself i'd start skate boarding, and i'd buy it all in the same shop in Coolingatta and i'd be set for my new life in Queensland!!

Cassie and sister Eliza are joined a running group, they run around Albert park, some do 3kms, some do 5kms, so i went along too, i ran 3kms in 20.40 min, not too bad, my only problem was getting the air onto the body, via the lungs, the body wasnt ready to give up, the lungs were.

If i had gills, i could embark on a new life of crime!

My lifestyle move to Queensland will encompass giving up smoking and getting on the fitness trail, i went swimming one morning with Cassie, same deal-ieo, if i had gills, there would be no problem, since i dont, it seems i have to make do with breathing through the old mouth department.

It is comforting to know i was once a very good swimmer, top of my class even, even though it was about 35 years ago.

It's waiting for me, Brisbane!!

So after a week of hanging around in Melbourne, i had my stuff that was being stored in Kates place loaded on a truck, when i happened to be in the old hood, i got a call from Brooke and we spent the afternoon hanging out, but we didn't let it all hang out (what ever that means? Yeah brain, what are you on about?)

Valley girl, valley girl....where are you?

Myself and Brooke did go shopping for a gift for a 7 year old and i didn't get a tattoo, a very nice day indeed!!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

It was the 14th of May...

Photos are from Byron Bay

So the sister got married, past tense, she was getting married, so i went to Coolingatta, in celebration, i didn't want to be couch surfing celebrating and pissing off anyone, so i splashed pout on a hostel, as it happened Mr Dirt Nasty was playing the same weekend, so everything looked like it was going to work out

'She said i dont date actors or crackers, matter of fact, i'm a rapper'
...words from the poet Dirt Nasty, he played the Coolie.

He came on stage and said, 'Lets get fucked up Australia', which would make sense, if he was getting a % of the bar takings, like they all do, and get fucked up.

And then i start meeting lots of cool people, way more that anywhere else i've been to and Kieran gets thought's of living here, i stop being a tourist and i start looking at things thinking 'Could i live here?' and the answer was, 'Yes, Kieran, me boy, this would be the place for you' and the place? Queensland, hip hip hurrah for Queensland!!!

I was checked into the Sans hotel, i met a chick called Katherine, who is totally crazy, i will be seeing her again, the only chick i have ever met to get kicked out of towns in Australia, i went surfing for the first time in 10 years, i want to buy a skate board when i go back.

Now, there's a week missing in between all of this and it just occurred to me i went to Byron bay and Nimbin and it was only spectacular (as i wrote that i nearly spat out a mouthful of beer) which reminds me of a chick i know in Adelaide, she was walking somewhere and saw a woman wearing a nice top,

My friend said: 'Nice top'
Other woman said: 'I robbed it from Myers' (a department store in Australia)

I have to laugh

So lets start in down the coast in New South Wales, i went to Byron then Nimbin, ended up staying a week, before going to Brisbane to meet Ali, it was the most chilled out place in years, Nimbin, it looked a bit like the west of Ireland and sleep?

One English guy told me he saw me in bed at 9pm, i told him i wanted to be in bed at 7pm.

On a Coolie hotel Sunday Session, i met some surfers that knew their neighbor went on holidays, so they moves in and squatted for 2 days, it wasn't even a house, but a $4.6 million mansion, they turned on all the taps trying to get the Jacuzzi going, but no joy, no dice! It was pretty funny though!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Ali came to town...Brisbane town

Ali and myself

So Ali was in town, i went to see her and met her too, the night before i was supposed to meet her.
I was going to see Pulp Fiction and i popped out to buy a bottle of wine, life goes better with a little bit of vino, movies? Even better!

The fight over good and evil!

So, i cam up behind her on the boulevard and started tugging her arm, she thought she was getting mugged, oh you New Yorkers!!!

So what happened? Good Question, it all happened so long ago, but worth remembering all the same, it's like it was last year.

Something Irish?

We met for coffee and them came the bars and beers, no bears, except for a few stuffed ones.

We went on a harbor cruise, it was a great day, cut short by time, they should make more of it!

The last time is was in Brisbane...

Since i'm writing this to Ron Rimini why dont you have a listen?

The last time is was in Brisbane... i went for a walk, it's something i do, and i think i do it very well, very well indeed, i passed a pokies place that was just about to start serving lunch, a roast dinner, so in i went, as it turned out, it was an Irish bar/Pokies place and the food was cheap, you could eat and get back to the 'real business' of putting your pension back into a pokie machine.

Since i'm not getting any pension, i was able to avoid that little pit fall, so i got dinner with a sachet of butter and i was in business.

Later on i was wondering why my phone smelled of butter, later the coins in my pocket were smelling of butter, then i later still dug a little deeper, maybe my pockets were getting shorter and my hands longer and i pulled out a sachet of butter and it got me thinking.

Do you like a bit of butter on your spuds?

In Ireland the 'old money' was butter, since no one had money, people traded butter, it was all they had, are things reverting to the olden days of doing business?

Cork, in Ireland had the first 24 hour butter market, they exported butter all over the world, people would bring their butter from West Cork and have to deal with bandits along the way in to Cork.

What could i have traded a melted sachet of butter that had been in my pocket for hours, the mind boggles, but it was quite funny all the same.

In other news...

Something exotic?

Someone was telling me how Japanese were fascinated with seagulls, they would be on the beach for hours taking pictures of them for hours, maybe they are exotic birds to Japanese, they certainly aren't to exotic here, in Kuala Lumpor, Glahs are exotic birds, here in Oz, they aren't too exotic, and they are incredibly noisy

I was on a bus from the Gold Coast to South port and i over heard a guy talking to his kids, the kids wanted to go to Mc Donalds, he told them he's never buying them Mc Donalds ever again and his auntie used to call Mc Donalds 'Chew and spew'

Amy loves milkshakes and they dont seem to be doing her any harm?

He told them 'The milkshakes are made from pigs fat, you wouldn't eat pigs fat would you', a bit gruesome for kids, the kids were only about 6 years old, i heard about the pigs fat 'fact' years ago and in fact it put me off the milk shakes for years, as it tuns out it's a Mc Donald urban ledgend

Then the kids started singing a song, the father said 'Dont you dare start that shit...i dont want to hear any songs about people getting shot in them', what 6 year old kids know songs like that?

Before all this he was talking on the phone about how his family was a cross between 'Days of our lives' and Jerry Springer, so i guess i shouldn't have been too surprised, his pregnant sister was after stabbing his brother in the neck, the one good thing about Jerry Springer, for mew anyways is how normal it makes you feel, but not for that fellow on the bus, it was too true for him.

Want to feel normal? Watch this

Friday, 10 June 2011

6 Bungee jumps and a swing, what a day!!

Before i forget, let me tell you about this day

Ok, so i have been writing notes, in a book and transcribing them in to my blog, and being pretty slack about it, so let me free style this with you and lets see how it goes.

So i got to Cairns, not knowing what i was going to do, and then i saw AJ Hackett is in town, so i though i'd do it, i got picked up from the hostel and we went there, i was a bit hung over, in a good mood, it seemed a good way to be bung back to earth or a hang over cure and was it.

Jump 1

So i go there, they give a big talk, i'm feeling all confident, everyone's doing 1 jump and getting a photo and video, they had a special, the more jumps you do the cheaper it gets, the 5th is free, so i had over my piece of plastic card, i say give me everything and put it on that plastic thing, and laughed, i think, then i climbed the tower.

As i climbed the tower, it shook halfway up, i'm holding on to the railing, wondering just what the hell i'm doing and what the Fu*k i was thinking when i paid for all of those bungee jumps in advance.

Jump 2

As Hunter S Thompson would say
'You buy the ticket, you take the ride'

I think my logic for paying all the bungee jumps was there was no way i could back out, whick makes strange sense, as i'm only terrified of heights, it was 56 meters, a fall would kill you and when it came down to it, if some one told me 'Jump', i really wanted to know if i could do it

Jump 3

I did 4 Bungee jumps 10 years ago, only because i was terrified of heights, it was one of the hardest things i have ever done, now i can say i'm just scared of heights, i had to laugh.

I remember my first 10 years ago, some Japanese guy was in front of me and the guy told him to jump and he ran and did a somersault, and disappeared from view, i couldn't believe it!!

And when i jumped 136 meters, jumping off seemed almost impossible.

Jump 4

The guy that read my palm in Nimbin, told me i need to switch off my mind, so would i be able to switch of my mind and jump? What would you do, there's no point in talking about it, when your at the top, at the edge, voices you've never heard start talking to you and it's a different ball game.

Jump 5

I heard this song in my hostel before i went bungee jumping and also when i did my last bungee jump, i was looking at the clock, it said 4.30pm and i thought if i could get another jump on my piece of plastic in my wallet, i would do one more.

Rope, The Foo Foghters

Check out the lyrics, it's no wonder i felt inspired to do it again!!

The chick said ok, my card was approved and i went one more time, to do a jump i wanted to do at the start and then i was pretty happy!!

Jump 6

One of my other jumps, Metallica's 'Sad but true' was playing, because i paid for so many in advance, i didn't have to queue, i was VIP.

The guys asked me at the end how many beers i had, i said 5, they said 'Thats all?', apparently the rule is, if you can climb up, you can jump, there was a bar downstairs for fecks sake, jump, beer, jump, beer ect...

What a day!!!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

2 free tickets to Dream world, please

So the plan was to listen to 90 minutes of bullshit, pretend your interested and get 2 tickets to Dreamworld, that was the plan, i was a bit hung over and when the questions started flowing, in my direction of course, i was getting bombarded with questions, i started looking at the window, thinking 'Would i be able to jump out that window and run away?'

So they kept asking me, 'Do you make 55k?', of course i do!

So saw the promotional propaganda video, so many happy people, the subliminal message being conveyed was 'Holidays are so important to me', lots of old people were there, lambs to the slaughter.

The people in the movie presentation resembled the cows in abattoirs leading the new unsuspecting cows to the slaughter, the ones following dont know whats happening, but the ones leading do and around it goes.

Anyways, timeshare fuckers, thanks for the 2 free tickets to Dream world, one of the best days of my life!!!

Dream world highlights were The tower of terror, The tower of terror II
and of course the waterslides, especially 'The wedgie'

All i wanted was the 2 free tickets, i cant believe people take time share schemes seriously! Seriously?

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Where is the pause button?

Take 1

So, one fine day in Collingatta, i was out for a walk, i walked through the shopping center. I asked some retired looking lady in a stall, which way the toilet was, as it turned out, she was working...and then we got to talking, about time share, not that they call it timeshare,an then she looked at my tatts and said 'But you probably dont make 55k a year, i said 'No, i make way more', then she looked interested, 'Are you a resident?' Yep, i am and before long i was getting the sales spiel to go to some time share talk, it was a 20 minute walk, oh the nice lady had a car, she could drive me, i was going to walk, after the current walk.

I got ink done

I passed a tattoo parlor, so i called in, no point in being a stranger? Is there? I wanted to get a tattoo that signified balance, moderation, so i asked them for their ideas, we were laughing, the scales idea came up, no dice, too cliché, then we did a Google image search and then i had the idea of a 'Play Pause' button and we scrolled down through all the images and i spotted a stick cartoon and i said 'Whats that' and we scrolled back up to view the stick cartoon and we were laughing, so i said 'Do it' and we did.

The Artist said it was the most fun tattoo she ever did and then we laughed some more and then i left

The most fun tattoo ever!!

And then i was off to listen to (no party and) bullshit, and get 2 free tickets to Dream world

The funny thing is, the tattoo doesn't really cover the subject of moderation, the play pause idea got semi hijacked and somehow i ended up with a stick figure cartoon, which i really like, i'm not even sure what the point of it is, but i like it, it was pretty spontaneous, on the day my sister got married (14th of May) on the other side of the world and i was going to see Dirt Nasty that night, so i have a lot of little memories in my tattoo and all my tattoos and i think that nice!

I do remember seeing a poster from STA travel years ago, which said 'Why cant relationships be paused for a year' and i remember talking to Cassie B about that, maybe even laughing about it?

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Coolingatta and Bananas, in my mind


So todays my 1 week no couch surfing in Coolingatta, and it's been pretty relaxing not having to be emailing people to organize places to stay and expensive to beet at $31 a night, Australia isn't a cheap place to come traveling, and i haven't met so many English and Germans as in the last week.

In Brazil, Bananas are called 'Food of the monkey'

It seems like everyone is off picking fruit, now that bananas have gone from $2 a kilo to $12 a kilo. I wonder if there will be any backpackers flying around in sports cars? Maybe upgrading for their 8 bed dorm to the Hilton, on the weekends?

One thing is for sure is you wont find too many Aussies picking fruit, only cash strapped European kids. It seems funny all the same, in the US you have lots of Mexicans doing fruit picking, a lot of them doing a lot of essential work.

Some people forget to go home?

Unofficially, Australia is similar, i once heard that there were at any time 50k English people that had overstayed their visas, but since they were picking fruit, no one really cared, if people want to pick fruit, let them seemed to be the law.

Now you can get an extra year, if you pick fruit for 3 months and many do.

Many Irish were getting an extra without picking any fruit at all, all you needed was the farmers business number, postcode and balm, you could apply online and make a fool of the system, now that scam is up, so dont go trying that at home kids!!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Am i a tri-athlete?

Hello Mr Rain

 Now readers, you get words, maybe video and pictures, all i know is i have nothing better to do, if i stick my head out on the street, i would get my head wet, so let the torrent of words begin with ...this.

Sunset in Byron bay

I went to watch the sunset, still in Byron bay and i started talking to a woman, the conversation starts to flow and she asks me if i'm in town for the Triathlon? 'Of course', i said, does this now mean i have the body of, not just an athlete but someone that excels in running, swimming and cycling, it would be very convenient for me if i did, that would be a very good start.

I used to do a lot of cycling, 13 years ago, until my knees had enough, i used to do a lot of competitive swimming training, but only in the slow lane, i never races as the hurling and football games were on the weekend and i physically couldn't be in 2 places at once and running, i started doing 6 laps of my local oval until the knees started talking to me and i hat it when they start, so i stopped all the running nonsense.

As Lupe Fiasco would say 'You are what you say you are....a superstar, have no fear..'

Unfortunately , this is all fantasy (but it was nice while it lasted) .

Lets extend the fantasy a bit more, here's an artists impression of me, as a Tri-athlete

I have 'hit an age' where i have to exercise, plus i have to exercise a fair amount of moderation, i was thinking of getting some tattoo for moderation, it is something i need a constant reminder of and to moderate the moderation, oh where will the madness end?

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lazy daze in Byron

Before Byron bay and Nimbin

Lazy daze in Byron bay will soon be a thing of the past.....or will it?

Sleep, yep thats right, sleep and i got plenty. A mate once told me sleep was for old people and i guess it's something thats stuck in my mind since, 'I'll sleep when i'm old' and now i'm getting a bit old, a bit older than i was and now i want sleep, real regular like!

A German guy was telling me this morning how he noticed how i was in bed by 9pm, he was impressed, i was a bit impressed myself, that i could hold out until 9pm!

I was thinking about the leaba (Irish for bed) by 7pm, straight after the pizza and wine, a winner!

I was hungry, i got a bit free from some chick trying to encourage people to eat pizza, on the street, as it just so happens i didn't need encouragement, so i had another piece and went back to my hostel for more pizza.

And i was hungry and my brain was saying 'Feed me...feed me!' and i did, i got the last $5 pizza ticket.

I met 2 guys from Tasmania, i thought one of them was English, he gets that a lot. The not so English guy, that probably has a name was telling me how he wanted 'Skulls' the rest of his arm, he only had about 15 already, he wanted more.

Sleeping Skulls?

I told him i didn't like skulls, later i had a look at my t-shirt i was wearing and what's on my t-shirt? Skulls, the t shits was covered in skulls, so maybe sub-concisely i do like skulls?

The Tassie also told me he didn't like black people, why? Because in Canberra he asked some Kiwi guy if he sold pot, to which the Kiwi said, 'Get out of my sight or else i'll take your head off' and it was the first colored guy he met outside of Tasmania, plus the guy from Tasmania told me his half brother was black, as he said 'What can you do?', What could i say to that logic? Maybe he needed some sleep?

Saturday, 4 June 2011

'Oh your the guy!!!'

So i was staying in the hostel in Byron bay one Friday night and i went out to get a bottle of wine, a bottle of wine is nice and very grown up, no goon for me, thank you!!

Now, the only thing better than a nice bottle of wine is another bottle, so i made it my business to get one and off out i went!

Say 'No' to Goon

The first place i went to 'thought' i had too much consumed and wouldn't sell me a bottle, so off i went around the block to make my purchase some where else and walked in a door of a bottle shop and back into the first bottle shop and continued walking around the block and eventually got one and that was me for that 'quiet night in'

I wasn't drunk, i was...

Along comes the next day, so i went off to get a bottle of wine again, so off i went and selected the same bottle of wine in the first bottle shop and went to buy it from the woman that declined to sell it me the previous night.

After a bit she says, 'Oh your the guy!', oh how we laughed, she was telling me that after i left the night before, they were speculating on maybe if i was a bit stoned and not drunk? Which of course i was, oh how we laughed!!

Jay Z is rapping, so it's only fair i rap a little for you, no?

So i'm in the hostel in Byron bay, Jay Z is rapping with me, so it's only fair i rap a little with yea'll, is all.

Now, as much as i can remember i got on a 'Happy bus' to Nimbin and life was transformed, but only a little, cos i can do a little coz i cant do enough (how true!!)

So i went for a day and stayed for 3, interesting place Nimbin, it reminds me of the West of Ireland, how surreal, it's no wonder people love it?

Hip, hop hurrah for Surreal, Ireland, i mean Nimbin
(and now i'm listening to Pommys chick talking about periods and bleeding)

Surreal? Maybe, no more?

(Pommy chick near me bangs on about Sydney and mobile phones...and party and bullshit
And what does that have to do with the price of Dim Sims in Beijing??)

Hip hip hurrah for......hip hop?

Byron bay

So day 2 in Byron, i think the pace of life in Nimbin is after settling in on me, last night, a Friday night, mind you, i think i was in bed by 10 pm, a worlds first, a world record...for me, i am getting more sleep than you can shake a stick at and that cant be a bad thing? Not bad at all!!

After all my years of self induced sleep deprivation torture, i am choosing a better way, sleep, i want to sleep 8 hours a day, every day and than life would be a dream!!

They have a sense of humor in Byron bay too!!

When i checked into the hostel i did what any 'normal' person would do and checked in, but as it turned out, i was checked into the 'other' hostel, so i went there, some guy was playing guitar, not bad, to compliment my purple haze, i thought i'd never say this, but it seems like everybody is a good 10 years younger than me and talking all the crap i heard people were talking years ago, time is a mother fucker...and i dont mind, onwards Christian Soldier

...i will stick to my day job, rapping isn't really my 'thing' anyways

Friday, 3 June 2011

Thought things change, the future is in the palm of my hand

Photos are from Nimbin

So i went out for a stroll in Nimbin, as you do and i did, saying hello to all the locals hanging out in the street, as Jay Z would say 'Streets is watching' and now since there has been a bit of a clampdown on the people of Nimbin, they have their very own security cameras installed on the main street, where before 'business' would have been conducted on the street, now it's conducted, just a little off of the main street. But business is business, life goes on.

I got there just after the Mardi Grass, usually its a time to meet alternative hippy 'types', this year it was a time to meet Sydney cops and their dogs, one of the characters i got talking to was a palm reader, he gave me a bit of a reading for free, i had nothing better to do, so i said i'd give him the full $10 and do it properly!

A cop festival?

Heres what he said:
Give out more love to get it back
Let go of the past
I will have early health problems after 40
Get more water and nutrients
I'm quick at making decisions
Switch off the mind, my mind occupies me
Practice 5 clean breadths per day (or for 5 days)
I'm 7 years younger than my actual age
I'm destines to do something great, which will become more apparent as i hit 40
I have a natural birth rite to 3 kids
I only ask questions out of courtesy, because i already know the answers
I'm a high achiever, that could do anything
I'm very critical of myself and others
I spend too much time looking for the one
I'm very sensitive
I should be more disciplined in my life
My energy was blocked because of my thumb ring, because of the ring i was indecisive
I decided when i was 18-19 on how life should be
I should start being the person i'm supposed to be, by practicing my knowledge
I have the heart and body of a fitter person
I should stop my mind working over time

On a separate not i remember doing a San Pedro festival in Peru, i was holding a big crystal in my hand during the ceremony, i could feel the heart beat of the world, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, i had to buy the crystal later, i remembered thinking 'The world is mine!'

What's changed now is i have been thinking along the likes of what the psalm reader said and i do intend making changes to my life along the lines of what he said, just you wait and see readers!!
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