Thursday, 9 June 2011

2 free tickets to Dream world, please

So the plan was to listen to 90 minutes of bullshit, pretend your interested and get 2 tickets to Dreamworld, that was the plan, i was a bit hung over and when the questions started flowing, in my direction of course, i was getting bombarded with questions, i started looking at the window, thinking 'Would i be able to jump out that window and run away?'

So they kept asking me, 'Do you make 55k?', of course i do!

So saw the promotional propaganda video, so many happy people, the subliminal message being conveyed was 'Holidays are so important to me', lots of old people were there, lambs to the slaughter.

The people in the movie presentation resembled the cows in abattoirs leading the new unsuspecting cows to the slaughter, the ones following dont know whats happening, but the ones leading do and around it goes.

Anyways, timeshare fuckers, thanks for the 2 free tickets to Dream world, one of the best days of my life!!!

Dream world highlights were The tower of terror, The tower of terror II
and of course the waterslides, especially 'The wedgie'

All i wanted was the 2 free tickets, i cant believe people take time share schemes seriously! Seriously?

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