Friday, 10 June 2011

6 Bungee jumps and a swing, what a day!!

Before i forget, let me tell you about this day

Ok, so i have been writing notes, in a book and transcribing them in to my blog, and being pretty slack about it, so let me free style this with you and lets see how it goes.

So i got to Cairns, not knowing what i was going to do, and then i saw AJ Hackett is in town, so i though i'd do it, i got picked up from the hostel and we went there, i was a bit hung over, in a good mood, it seemed a good way to be bung back to earth or a hang over cure and was it.

Jump 1

So i go there, they give a big talk, i'm feeling all confident, everyone's doing 1 jump and getting a photo and video, they had a special, the more jumps you do the cheaper it gets, the 5th is free, so i had over my piece of plastic card, i say give me everything and put it on that plastic thing, and laughed, i think, then i climbed the tower.

As i climbed the tower, it shook halfway up, i'm holding on to the railing, wondering just what the hell i'm doing and what the Fu*k i was thinking when i paid for all of those bungee jumps in advance.

Jump 2

As Hunter S Thompson would say
'You buy the ticket, you take the ride'

I think my logic for paying all the bungee jumps was there was no way i could back out, whick makes strange sense, as i'm only terrified of heights, it was 56 meters, a fall would kill you and when it came down to it, if some one told me 'Jump', i really wanted to know if i could do it

Jump 3

I did 4 Bungee jumps 10 years ago, only because i was terrified of heights, it was one of the hardest things i have ever done, now i can say i'm just scared of heights, i had to laugh.

I remember my first 10 years ago, some Japanese guy was in front of me and the guy told him to jump and he ran and did a somersault, and disappeared from view, i couldn't believe it!!

And when i jumped 136 meters, jumping off seemed almost impossible.

Jump 4

The guy that read my palm in Nimbin, told me i need to switch off my mind, so would i be able to switch of my mind and jump? What would you do, there's no point in talking about it, when your at the top, at the edge, voices you've never heard start talking to you and it's a different ball game.

Jump 5

I heard this song in my hostel before i went bungee jumping and also when i did my last bungee jump, i was looking at the clock, it said 4.30pm and i thought if i could get another jump on my piece of plastic in my wallet, i would do one more.

Rope, The Foo Foghters

Check out the lyrics, it's no wonder i felt inspired to do it again!!

The chick said ok, my card was approved and i went one more time, to do a jump i wanted to do at the start and then i was pretty happy!!

Jump 6

One of my other jumps, Metallica's 'Sad but true' was playing, because i paid for so many in advance, i didn't have to queue, i was VIP.

The guys asked me at the end how many beers i had, i said 5, they said 'Thats all?', apparently the rule is, if you can climb up, you can jump, there was a bar downstairs for fecks sake, jump, beer, jump, beer ect...

What a day!!!

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