Monday, 20 June 2011

Ali came to town...Brisbane town

Ali and myself

So Ali was in town, i went to see her and met her too, the night before i was supposed to meet her.
I was going to see Pulp Fiction and i popped out to buy a bottle of wine, life goes better with a little bit of vino, movies? Even better!

The fight over good and evil!

So, i cam up behind her on the boulevard and started tugging her arm, she thought she was getting mugged, oh you New Yorkers!!!

So what happened? Good Question, it all happened so long ago, but worth remembering all the same, it's like it was last year.

Something Irish?

We met for coffee and them came the bars and beers, no bears, except for a few stuffed ones.

We went on a harbor cruise, it was a great day, cut short by time, they should make more of it!

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