Monday, 6 June 2011

Am i a tri-athlete?

Hello Mr Rain

 Now readers, you get words, maybe video and pictures, all i know is i have nothing better to do, if i stick my head out on the street, i would get my head wet, so let the torrent of words begin with ...this.

Sunset in Byron bay

I went to watch the sunset, still in Byron bay and i started talking to a woman, the conversation starts to flow and she asks me if i'm in town for the Triathlon? 'Of course', i said, does this now mean i have the body of, not just an athlete but someone that excels in running, swimming and cycling, it would be very convenient for me if i did, that would be a very good start.

I used to do a lot of cycling, 13 years ago, until my knees had enough, i used to do a lot of competitive swimming training, but only in the slow lane, i never races as the hurling and football games were on the weekend and i physically couldn't be in 2 places at once and running, i started doing 6 laps of my local oval until the knees started talking to me and i hat it when they start, so i stopped all the running nonsense.

As Lupe Fiasco would say 'You are what you say you are....a superstar, have no fear..'

Unfortunately , this is all fantasy (but it was nice while it lasted) .

Lets extend the fantasy a bit more, here's an artists impression of me, as a Tri-athlete

I have 'hit an age' where i have to exercise, plus i have to exercise a fair amount of moderation, i was thinking of getting some tattoo for moderation, it is something i need a constant reminder of and to moderate the moderation, oh where will the madness end?

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