Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Coolingatta and Bananas, in my mind


So todays my 1 week no couch surfing in Coolingatta, and it's been pretty relaxing not having to be emailing people to organize places to stay and expensive to beet at $31 a night, Australia isn't a cheap place to come traveling, and i haven't met so many English and Germans as in the last week.

In Brazil, Bananas are called 'Food of the monkey'

It seems like everyone is off picking fruit, now that bananas have gone from $2 a kilo to $12 a kilo. I wonder if there will be any backpackers flying around in sports cars? Maybe upgrading for their 8 bed dorm to the Hilton, on the weekends?

One thing is for sure is you wont find too many Aussies picking fruit, only cash strapped European kids. It seems funny all the same, in the US you have lots of Mexicans doing fruit picking, a lot of them doing a lot of essential work.

Some people forget to go home?

Unofficially, Australia is similar, i once heard that there were at any time 50k English people that had overstayed their visas, but since they were picking fruit, no one really cared, if people want to pick fruit, let them seemed to be the law.

Now you can get an extra year, if you pick fruit for 3 months and many do.

Many Irish were getting an extra without picking any fruit at all, all you needed was the farmers business number, postcode and balm, you could apply online and make a fool of the system, now that scam is up, so dont go trying that at home kids!!

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