Tuesday, 21 June 2011

It was the 14th of May...

Photos are from Byron Bay

So the sister got married, past tense, she was getting married, so i went to Coolingatta, in celebration, i didn't want to be couch surfing celebrating and pissing off anyone, so i splashed pout on a hostel, as it happened Mr Dirt Nasty was playing the same weekend, so everything looked like it was going to work out

'She said i dont date actors or crackers, matter of fact, i'm a rapper'
...words from the poet Dirt Nasty, he played the Coolie.

He came on stage and said, 'Lets get fucked up Australia', which would make sense, if he was getting a % of the bar takings, like they all do, and get fucked up.

And then i start meeting lots of cool people, way more that anywhere else i've been to and Kieran gets thought's of living here, i stop being a tourist and i start looking at things thinking 'Could i live here?' and the answer was, 'Yes, Kieran, me boy, this would be the place for you' and the place? Queensland, hip hip hurrah for Queensland!!!

I was checked into the Sans hotel, i met a chick called Katherine, who is totally crazy, i will be seeing her again, the only chick i have ever met to get kicked out of towns in Australia, i went surfing for the first time in 10 years, i want to buy a skate board when i go back.

Now, there's a week missing in between all of this and it just occurred to me i went to Byron bay and Nimbin and it was only spectacular (as i wrote that i nearly spat out a mouthful of beer) which reminds me of a chick i know in Adelaide, she was walking somewhere and saw a woman wearing a nice top,

My friend said: 'Nice top'
Other woman said: 'I robbed it from Myers' (a department store in Australia)

I have to laugh

So lets start in down the coast in New South Wales, i went to Byron then Nimbin, ended up staying a week, before going to Brisbane to meet Ali, it was the most chilled out place in years, Nimbin, it looked a bit like the west of Ireland and sleep?

One English guy told me he saw me in bed at 9pm, i told him i wanted to be in bed at 7pm.

On a Coolie hotel Sunday Session, i met some surfers that knew their neighbor went on holidays, so they moves in and squatted for 2 days, it wasn't even a house, but a $4.6 million mansion, they turned on all the taps trying to get the Jacuzzi going, but no joy, no dice! It was pretty funny though!

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