Sunday, 26 June 2011

Last day, i smashed up the Bungee...again!!!

Bungee 1

So, it was my last day in Cairns, i was feeling a bit hungover (i am getting older, maybe a bit wiser) i was having problems locating my bag, i was sure i left it in the Woolshed bar the night before, i wouldnt know until the place opened.

So, in the meantime i had time to kill, i had enough of killing brain cells for the time being, so there was nothing for it, only to go bungee jumping again.

My brain said
'Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get your ass bungee jumping'

...and i did...

Bungee 2

My favorite way to go and i wasn't going to do a back flip on it, well i was and i wasnt..
Bungee 3

The old fashioned way, a Swan dive, respectable enough...
Bungee 4

Bungee 5

One last time, off the roof, you have to go!!
Bungee 6

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