Monday, 20 June 2011

The last time is was in Brisbane...

Since i'm writing this to Ron Rimini why dont you have a listen?

The last time is was in Brisbane... i went for a walk, it's something i do, and i think i do it very well, very well indeed, i passed a pokies place that was just about to start serving lunch, a roast dinner, so in i went, as it turned out, it was an Irish bar/Pokies place and the food was cheap, you could eat and get back to the 'real business' of putting your pension back into a pokie machine.

Since i'm not getting any pension, i was able to avoid that little pit fall, so i got dinner with a sachet of butter and i was in business.

Later on i was wondering why my phone smelled of butter, later the coins in my pocket were smelling of butter, then i later still dug a little deeper, maybe my pockets were getting shorter and my hands longer and i pulled out a sachet of butter and it got me thinking.

Do you like a bit of butter on your spuds?

In Ireland the 'old money' was butter, since no one had money, people traded butter, it was all they had, are things reverting to the olden days of doing business?

Cork, in Ireland had the first 24 hour butter market, they exported butter all over the world, people would bring their butter from West Cork and have to deal with bandits along the way in to Cork.

What could i have traded a melted sachet of butter that had been in my pocket for hours, the mind boggles, but it was quite funny all the same.

In other news...

Something exotic?

Someone was telling me how Japanese were fascinated with seagulls, they would be on the beach for hours taking pictures of them for hours, maybe they are exotic birds to Japanese, they certainly aren't to exotic here, in Kuala Lumpor, Glahs are exotic birds, here in Oz, they aren't too exotic, and they are incredibly noisy

I was on a bus from the Gold Coast to South port and i over heard a guy talking to his kids, the kids wanted to go to Mc Donalds, he told them he's never buying them Mc Donalds ever again and his auntie used to call Mc Donalds 'Chew and spew'

Amy loves milkshakes and they dont seem to be doing her any harm?

He told them 'The milkshakes are made from pigs fat, you wouldn't eat pigs fat would you', a bit gruesome for kids, the kids were only about 6 years old, i heard about the pigs fat 'fact' years ago and in fact it put me off the milk shakes for years, as it tuns out it's a Mc Donald urban ledgend

Then the kids started singing a song, the father said 'Dont you dare start that shit...i dont want to hear any songs about people getting shot in them', what 6 year old kids know songs like that?

Before all this he was talking on the phone about how his family was a cross between 'Days of our lives' and Jerry Springer, so i guess i shouldn't have been too surprised, his pregnant sister was after stabbing his brother in the neck, the one good thing about Jerry Springer, for mew anyways is how normal it makes you feel, but not for that fellow on the bus, it was too true for him.

Want to feel normal? Watch this

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