Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lazy daze in Byron

Before Byron bay and Nimbin

Lazy daze in Byron bay will soon be a thing of the past.....or will it?

Sleep, yep thats right, sleep and i got plenty. A mate once told me sleep was for old people and i guess it's something thats stuck in my mind since, 'I'll sleep when i'm old' and now i'm getting a bit old, a bit older than i was and now i want sleep, real regular like!

A German guy was telling me this morning how he noticed how i was in bed by 9pm, he was impressed, i was a bit impressed myself, that i could hold out until 9pm!

I was thinking about the leaba (Irish for bed) by 7pm, straight after the pizza and wine, a winner!

I was hungry, i got a bit free from some chick trying to encourage people to eat pizza, on the street, as it just so happens i didn't need encouragement, so i had another piece and went back to my hostel for more pizza.

And i was hungry and my brain was saying 'Feed me...feed me!' and i did, i got the last $5 pizza ticket.

I met 2 guys from Tasmania, i thought one of them was English, he gets that a lot. The not so English guy, that probably has a name was telling me how he wanted 'Skulls' the rest of his arm, he only had about 15 already, he wanted more.

Sleeping Skulls?

I told him i didn't like skulls, later i had a look at my t-shirt i was wearing and what's on my t-shirt? Skulls, the t shits was covered in skulls, so maybe sub-concisely i do like skulls?

The Tassie also told me he didn't like black people, why? Because in Canberra he asked some Kiwi guy if he sold pot, to which the Kiwi said, 'Get out of my sight or else i'll take your head off' and it was the first colored guy he met outside of Tasmania, plus the guy from Tasmania told me his half brother was black, as he said 'What can you do?', What could i say to that logic? Maybe he needed some sleep?

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