Saturday, 4 June 2011

'Oh your the guy!!!'

So i was staying in the hostel in Byron bay one Friday night and i went out to get a bottle of wine, a bottle of wine is nice and very grown up, no goon for me, thank you!!

Now, the only thing better than a nice bottle of wine is another bottle, so i made it my business to get one and off out i went!

Say 'No' to Goon

The first place i went to 'thought' i had too much consumed and wouldn't sell me a bottle, so off i went around the block to make my purchase some where else and walked in a door of a bottle shop and back into the first bottle shop and continued walking around the block and eventually got one and that was me for that 'quiet night in'

I wasn't drunk, i was...

Along comes the next day, so i went off to get a bottle of wine again, so off i went and selected the same bottle of wine in the first bottle shop and went to buy it from the woman that declined to sell it me the previous night.

After a bit she says, 'Oh your the guy!', oh how we laughed, she was telling me that after i left the night before, they were speculating on maybe if i was a bit stoned and not drunk? Which of course i was, oh how we laughed!!

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