Friday, 24 June 2011

So i came back to Melbourne for a week...

So i came back to Melbourne for a week, to round up the horses and ship em off to Brisbane, the so it seems 'Real Australia', the Australia i didn't think existed anymore

So, i couch surfed at Cassie B's in South Yarra, my mortal enemy suburb, now i'm getting quite used to it and the rent is quite reasonable (the rent for the couch being $0, very reasonable indeed!)

Previously it was the wrong side of the Yarra river and i wasn't the only person to share this view, since more and more locals have vacated north of the river, the differences between north and south are becoming less and less and more like 'same same'

If you dont know your neighbors, you livin in da hood (but don't tell the folks here that) i learnt a little bit of the local history of the area and i have been meeting quite a few dogs while roaming the streets, and some owners connected to the end of the leashes.

A bit of history?
Now, Prahran means 'Land partially surrounded by water', the locals used to call it 'Poor swampy Ann'. In front of the Town hall, is where Aboriginals used to meet up and have their celebrations, which sometimes involved throwing boomerangs, it must of been a great display, things got a bit crazy when the white fellas gave the natives some fire water, it must of been some sight with boomerangs coming in to land from left and right?

My auntie sent over boomerangs to us when we were about 12, we made some more and threw those ones, it was only luck that no one was injured or kiled, getting in Cork by a native Australian hunting tool would have been strange news, indeed?

Throwing pattern of a boomerang

In other news, i got invited to Cassie's parents for a Sunday roast, Eliza was a bit stressed about going, i told her don't worry, i will stress you out more than your mother, to which she replied 'I'll cut your throat' and she wasn't joking either!! I had to laugh, dinner went down a treat, i got to meet the dog Harry, the King Charles Spaniel, with bulging eyes!

It's funny, he did a bit of growling at me when i was first there, but as it turns out, if there is anything new, furniture, pictures ...ect in the house, he is very suspicious of it. Last night i saw him be suspicious of a small Shakespeare bust, very observant dog, his talents are wasted as a house dog

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