Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Those that do not hear the music think the dance is crazy...

I stayed one last night in Coolingatta before jet setting back to Melbourne, cold Melbourne, i bought a new hoodie, couch surfer Andrew bought one too, i went surfing, one last time, and i was all ready for Melbourne.

Hopper from the hostel dropped me off at the airport, his parting words were
'I know i will see you again'

Cassie (hung over!!)

Since i already had a flight back to Melbourne from Cairns to Melbourne, it cost me 1 cent and a $25 flight to the Gold Coast, and somewhere to stay, Casa Cassie, it made some sense to come back, say good bye to some more people and then go.

My friend Stuart was telling me about a song where some guy says 'goodbye' every week, has a good bye party and he's back the next week, i dont think i will be doing that, but now there's a colud of ash over Melbourne, whats a fella like me to do? And the accommodation is quite agreeable, Couchsurfing with Cassie.

The best i can do is 'Goodbye again' by Mike Stern

Another reason i wanted to fly into the Gold coast, i because someone stole my hoodie in Revolver, i was going to go back and get another one, the exact one and i promised myself i'd start skate boarding, and i'd buy it all in the same shop in Coolingatta and i'd be set for my new life in Queensland!!

Cassie and sister Eliza are joined a running group, they run around Albert park, some do 3kms, some do 5kms, so i went along too, i ran 3kms in 20.40 min, not too bad, my only problem was getting the air onto the body, via the lungs, the body wasnt ready to give up, the lungs were.

If i had gills, i could embark on a new life of crime!

My lifestyle move to Queensland will encompass giving up smoking and getting on the fitness trail, i went swimming one morning with Cassie, same deal-ieo, if i had gills, there would be no problem, since i dont, it seems i have to make do with breathing through the old mouth department.

It is comforting to know i was once a very good swimmer, top of my class even, even though it was about 35 years ago.

It's waiting for me, Brisbane!!

So after a week of hanging around in Melbourne, i had my stuff that was being stored in Kates place loaded on a truck, when i happened to be in the old hood, i got a call from Brooke and we spent the afternoon hanging out, but we didn't let it all hang out (what ever that means? Yeah brain, what are you on about?)

Valley girl, valley girl....where are you?

Myself and Brooke did go shopping for a gift for a 7 year old and i didn't get a tattoo, a very nice day indeed!!

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