Friday, 3 June 2011

Thought things change, the future is in the palm of my hand

Photos are from Nimbin

So i went out for a stroll in Nimbin, as you do and i did, saying hello to all the locals hanging out in the street, as Jay Z would say 'Streets is watching' and now since there has been a bit of a clampdown on the people of Nimbin, they have their very own security cameras installed on the main street, where before 'business' would have been conducted on the street, now it's conducted, just a little off of the main street. But business is business, life goes on.

I got there just after the Mardi Grass, usually its a time to meet alternative hippy 'types', this year it was a time to meet Sydney cops and their dogs, one of the characters i got talking to was a palm reader, he gave me a bit of a reading for free, i had nothing better to do, so i said i'd give him the full $10 and do it properly!

A cop festival?

Heres what he said:
Give out more love to get it back
Let go of the past
I will have early health problems after 40
Get more water and nutrients
I'm quick at making decisions
Switch off the mind, my mind occupies me
Practice 5 clean breadths per day (or for 5 days)
I'm 7 years younger than my actual age
I'm destines to do something great, which will become more apparent as i hit 40
I have a natural birth rite to 3 kids
I only ask questions out of courtesy, because i already know the answers
I'm a high achiever, that could do anything
I'm very critical of myself and others
I spend too much time looking for the one
I'm very sensitive
I should be more disciplined in my life
My energy was blocked because of my thumb ring, because of the ring i was indecisive
I decided when i was 18-19 on how life should be
I should start being the person i'm supposed to be, by practicing my knowledge
I have the heart and body of a fitter person
I should stop my mind working over time

On a separate not i remember doing a San Pedro festival in Peru, i was holding a big crystal in my hand during the ceremony, i could feel the heart beat of the world, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, i had to buy the crystal later, i remembered thinking 'The world is mine!'

What's changed now is i have been thinking along the likes of what the psalm reader said and i do intend making changes to my life along the lines of what he said, just you wait and see readers!!

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