Friday, 24 June 2011

What the hell is in Cairns, besides warm weather? I said

So, i had a flight to Cairns, i didn't really know what i was going to do there, oh yeah, i could have looked in a book and done some research, but where's the fun in that? So, i sent a few couch surfing requests and i got one reply, from a Journalist called Mike in Yorkies and i went thinking something would happen/fall into place and it did, in the strangest of ways.

So i got to Cairns at 2am, absolutely wrecked tired, jumped in a taxi and got to Mikes, in Mikes profile he did say he was 'a gay backpacker serial killer', how funny would it have been if he actually was and the last thing i heard from this world was, 'I did try telling you, but you wouldn't listen', yep that would have been funny and quite true too!

So, while i Cairns i went on the 'Uncle Brians' rain forest tour of the Atherton Tableland

This is the 'famous' Timotei shampoo ad waterfall

Atherton Tableland (we went South to Inisfail and around and back to Cairns)

When we were leaving Cairns there was a Mc Donalds that was being finished, when we came back there was a big queue in the drive through, what a business! There are building quite a few of Mc Donalds in Cairns now

Everyone wanted the perfect modeling shot

On the way back we swam in an old Volcano crater

This woman hangs out every day, waiting for the tour to pass

The modeling went on, i think only 1 person didn't get their photo taken

And on....

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