Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Where is the pause button?

Take 1

So, one fine day in Collingatta, i was out for a walk, i walked through the shopping center. I asked some retired looking lady in a stall, which way the toilet was, as it turned out, she was working...and then we got to talking, about time share, not that they call it timeshare,an then she looked at my tatts and said 'But you probably dont make 55k a year, i said 'No, i make way more', then she looked interested, 'Are you a resident?' Yep, i am and before long i was getting the sales spiel to go to some time share talk, it was a 20 minute walk, oh the nice lady had a car, she could drive me, i was going to walk, after the current walk.

I got ink done

I passed a tattoo parlor, so i called in, no point in being a stranger? Is there? I wanted to get a tattoo that signified balance, moderation, so i asked them for their ideas, we were laughing, the scales idea came up, no dice, too cliché, then we did a Google image search and then i had the idea of a 'Play Pause' button and we scrolled down through all the images and i spotted a stick cartoon and i said 'Whats that' and we scrolled back up to view the stick cartoon and we were laughing, so i said 'Do it' and we did.

The Artist said it was the most fun tattoo she ever did and then we laughed some more and then i left

The most fun tattoo ever!!

And then i was off to listen to (no party and) bullshit, and get 2 free tickets to Dream world

The funny thing is, the tattoo doesn't really cover the subject of moderation, the play pause idea got semi hijacked and somehow i ended up with a stick figure cartoon, which i really like, i'm not even sure what the point of it is, but i like it, it was pretty spontaneous, on the day my sister got married (14th of May) on the other side of the world and i was going to see Dirt Nasty that night, so i have a lot of little memories in my tattoo and all my tattoos and i think that nice!

I do remember seeing a poster from STA travel years ago, which said 'Why cant relationships be paused for a year' and i remember talking to Cassie B about that, maybe even laughing about it?

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