Tuesday, 26 July 2011

First there was the thing, and one thing led to another...

So, i recommended 'I love Huckabees', to someone last week, they loved it, i also recommended it to someone last month, they didn't get it at all, it would make you wonder? But there's more...

I first saw this movie when i was in Dharamsala, India.

The same day i saw a movie called 'What the bleep do we know' and my mind was racing, i had a flash back of this the other day, so i though, 'Why not write about that?' And so, here it is.

Dharamsala was such an awesome experience, the day after i saw these movies, i watched both of these movies again, i had to!!

My ex didn't get it, my brain was on fire, i got it, i got something, it was very exciting indeed

Around the same time i did Vipassana meditation and other meditation, Vipassana being the most intense, it was 10 hours a day, for 10 days, you could learn more about yourself in those 10 days than you could in 10 years.

I watched both of these movies again recently, it's funny when you think of how you are and the way you think and then maybe how you were, i can trace a lot of ideas, things that influenced me, back to those 2 movies and that time.

The thing about the whole experience, was not just place, the courses in yoga, jewellery making, meditation and many more.

It was the exceptional people i met, constantly, it was like the best place i had ever been to, that was a magnet for awesome people.

Hi, i'm Ringo Starr

One of the guys i met was a Tibetan buddhist monk, from Liverpool, England, the guy had grown up in a rough part of town, i remember him telling me it was so dangerous where he was, he couldn't go out at night, so he would do acid in his flat and look at some picture, when he would lead us through the meditation, it was like Ringo Starr from the Beetles was talking to you, trippy, it was!

(On a separate tangent, i once met a guy who's mom was asked out on a date by Ringo, she turned him down thinking Paul or George would ask her out, they didn't ask her out!!!)

So the monk from Liverpool, after becoming a monk, he would for fun, read bits of the bible and stop and think of them and be tripping out (no drugs involved). I wonder ho many priests would read buddhist teaching's and be the same way?

It's interesting that?
'When the student is ready, the teacher appears'
 This would seem to be the case, some people dont get it, some do, some are not ready, maybe they will be in a few years, maybe never?

It's like one day realising that you were asleep your whole life, just like the Matrix!

When i listened to Jazz, i didn't like it, but, 2 albums in particular, when i first hear them, i didn't like them, but 1 year on i loved them!!

Dave Weckel's, Master plan

And Lee Ritenour's 'Rio' 

There you go, these 2 albums switched me on musically, and now i listen, or i can appreciate other forms of music i could not have listened to before, they led me on to electronic music, one thing leads to another.

The movies switched me on spiritually, isn't it interesting how one thing and lead to another?

When i think of it, the first time i watched 'The Matrix', i didn't get it, then the second time, bang, i got it, check out this scene about the blue and red pill

Now that i think about all this, i watched a documentary about Joe Strummer from the Clash last night, he didn't get rave music, until he went to a rave and experienced it, for himself, then once he got it, he was a big fan, he got switched on too

Joe Strummer

And it's interesting that Fank Zappa said in his autobiography
 'Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible'
...and then one thing led to another...

You might be happy with this....

I saw this video a while back, and there's not much to say, only have a look, maybe tell me what you think?

It's definitely food for thought, it's not going to end world hunger,  maybe it would end 1st world hunger, but not 3rd world hunger, unfortunately.

Why are you happy?

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Do it if you dare.....

So, i did this...

And i was thinking about this...

Makes sense, doesn't it?

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cycling, i love it and it's chirp, chirp...cheap!!!

I saw this on the wall next to the bike shop

It says..
I will ride a sea horse to meet you. Then we can sail away from here

So today, i went for a bike ride, where? I had no freakin idea at the time, and i still dont know where i was, but i thought the road would go somewhere and i'd go there too, and it was only epic!!

And i had plenty of sunshine!! Happy days!!

So, equipped with my new i-cant-believe-i-only-spent-$15-on-a-racing bike, the catch? The tyres were flat, i got the tyres pumped, that was free and i set off, as is my habitual existence, i tend to head towards where the cool people live and hang out, The West end and i called into a bike shop

My bikes, $20 + $15 = the best $$$ i have ever spent

The guy in the bike shop was telling me about a call he got from a guy, the guy asked him if it would be ok to get the bike, when he gets out....of jail!!

Apparently his customer is a funny guy, he's an old bloke, looks like he's been stabbed a few times by the marks on him and it's not the first time he's dropped the bike off and spent a bit of time behind bars!!

Hard to believe, sure no worries, see you when you get out!

I ended up in a new shopping centre for lunch, some Chinese cafe was selling honey chicken on sticks, for $2.20, a LOT of chicken and i ate a bag of salad like a bag of chips, discounted salad, no chips, a very healthy lunch and i called into my favourite coffee place in the West end, then the place where the guy gives me the good beer, oh happy days and sunshine!!

What a day, so i haven't had much luck with getting a job, but i am on the dole and now my shares have gone up a fair bit, so life is currently a dream, but something is bound to go wrong, but until then. Let it shine!!!!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Where my fortune lies

Photos are from 'that' shop around the corner from where i lived in Fitzroy

So, it was my last day in Melbourne, i was lucky to get out in the end, Tiger airways were grounded due to some Volcano in Chile acting up and getting ash all up in the air, anyways, all this ment i had another week to try and be normal and hang out.

So there was a woman doing Tarot cards in the market, i had a quick chat, she wanted $40, no dice, i went around again, eventually i came back i told her about the palm reader in Nimbin, she seemed interested, she said i'll do it for $20, we were on, I had to ask a series of questions, here's what she told me.

Will Brisbane go well for me?

  • Let go of the past, i'm not appreciating what i have
  • I wear myself out, i'm emotionally exhausted
  • Let go of the past
  • I'm a really good guy (surprise surprise?)
  • I think too much of the past
  • I'm about to make a good decision
  • Theres a dominant woman in my life
  • I will have a happy family
  • Stop worrying about relationships, one is coming
  • Something will happen, it will be a blessing in disguise in Brisbane and i will meet a chick that is surrounded in money, she likes gardening
  • Brisbane wont work out the way i think
  • I will build an empire, i am building my soul right now
  • She also told me to look at houses in North Melbourne as they are cheap, of the zone 1 lot (i dont think so)

Will i come back to Melbourne? 

  • I might come back for legal reasons or medical reasons
  • I will be over my heart break by then
  • I will be married
  • I would go back because i have to, it would be a big decision
  • If i come back it would be for a pure balanced life
  • The chick i meet might be from Melbourne 

So then, i had one last question, i asked the chick, 'Whats a good question?', she said, 'Ask about the job', i said, 'I'm not worried about that', then she said 'Guidance?' So we went with that

I am physic
I can make money
Stay in relationships that are good for me
I like the rough road, i'm a Porche on a rocky road
I will make a lot of money
Be careful about the choices i make
Some legal or medical thing, it will sort it's self out
I will build an empire, i wil make lots of money
I might have 3 or 4 houses
I need to see the future before i commit to it

The last card was 'Guidance Transformation'

Butterfly maiden
'You are experiencing enormous change right now, which brings great blessing'

I looked it up

Succinctly put, the butterfly in our Tarot readings will whisper messages like:
  • I am taking an inside look at my thoughts and beliefs.
  • With purposeful intent, I am changing my thoughts about things.
  • I am maturing in my perspectives about life and my environment.
  • I am going through a period of inner transformation which causes outer transformation.

I do remember he telling me to listen to the voices in my head, my intuition, and something about drinking too much.

Ok, I am paying attention...again!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Last day in Fitzroy and i went to get photos of not just any window!

My neighbour Kate, the Fitzroy Kate and her dog Flash

The photos are from the window, next to Kates shop

So it was my last day in Melbourne, there's been a few last days, but that day was the last..last day, as i said previously, in another post, another time, Fitzroy was calling me and i had to go back, just one more time.

So i got a few photos, met Jimi Hendrix son (that's another story), had a cup of coffee and went to the Fitzroy artist market, i said goodbye to some locals and said hello to some local, she was in her 40's and she was off soon to do tango dancing in Buenos Aires.

I thought, what a strange world we live in, that a chick could be exposed to this sort of music and then decide to go South America, with basic Spanish and start a new life and be part of something exciting (for her), Buenos Aires was calling her.

I've always found Fitzroy is the kind of place, that always gives me what i want, when i need it, maybe a bit like the story of the Rainbow serpent
'You have your ups and downs, you learn your lesson and the magic happens'

It was a perfect goodbye or even goodbye again? It certainly seems like it!

Arrgh, wine!!

This person certainly was very sleepy, probably the sleepiest?

Interesting that someone would think of something like this, maybe i'm missing out?

I had a chance to be part of a democratic process, and i blew it!!

So, a week ago they announced the Triple J top 100 albums of all time, they played the last 20 albums, in their entirety, it was great listening to them, but i could have voted, over 47k people did, i could have been a part of it, but i didn't, ladies and gentlemen, let me explain.

You see, i have never voted in my life, never, not once, i never watched big brother, i never voted people out of the house, i might have voted with my feet (both of them) the odd time, but that was about it!

But when they started playing the top 20 albums, it was too late to vote, D' Oh!!

Democracy passed me, i could have been part of it, but i have learnt my lesson, and others learnt quite a bit too, mainly as to why people voted and why bands got selected over other bands, check it out

It seems that asking people if they listen to Triple J, is a very good way to understand what kind of people your dealing with, it would seem that people that listen to Triple J are NOT assholes, so it's been great in Queensland, everybody listens to Triple J, and long may democracy reign, but it will be, better luck next time as far as i'm concerned, the next time i will vote, i might be a citizen too, and i'll probably have to vote, it's the law, vote or get fined, and i'm fine with that.

The list:
1. Powderfinger - Odyssey Number Five
2. Silverchair - Frogstomp
3. AC/DC - Back in Black
4. The Living End - The Living End
5. INXS - Kick
6. Powderfinger - Internationalist
7. The Presets - Apocalypso
8. Wolfmother - Wolfmother
9. The Avalanches - Since I Left You
10. Regurgitator - Unit
11. Gotye - Like Drawing Blood
12. Grinspoon - Guide to Better Living
13. Crowded House - Crowded House
14. Powderfinger - Vulture Street
15. Jebediah - Slightly Odway
16. Hilltop Hoods - The Hard Road
17. The Whitlams - Eternal Nightcap
18. Crowded House - Woodface
19. Tame Impala - Innerspeaker
20. The Temper Trap - Conditions
21. Midnight Oil - 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
22. Silverchair - Diorama
23. Hilltop Hoods - The Calling
24. The John Butler Trio - Sunrise Over Sea
25. Jet - Get Born
26. You Am I - Hourly, Daily
27. Silverchair - Neon Ballroom
28. The Cat Empire - The Cat Empire
29. Missy Higgins - The Sound of White
30. Karnivool - Themata
31. Angus & Julia Stone - Down the Way
32. Birds of Tokyo - Universes
33. Midnight Oil - Diesel and Dust
34. Josh Pyke - Memories & Dust
35. You Am I - Hi Fi Way
36. Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours
37. The Vines - Highly Evolved
38. Angus & Julia Stone - A Book Like This
39. Birds of Tokyo - Birds of Tokyo
40. Something for Kate - Echolalia
41. Powderfinger - Double Allergic
42. Cold Chisel - East
43. Silverchair - Freak Show
44. Regurgitator - Tu-Plang
45. Karnivool - Sound Awake
46. Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream
47. Eskimo Joe - Black Fingernails, Red Wine
48. Spiderbait - Ivy and the Big Apples
49. John Farnham - Whispering Jack
50. Cog - The New Normal

51. Washington - I Believe You Liar
52. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Murder Ballads
53. The John Butler Trio - Three
54. Bernard Fanning - Tea & Sympathy
55. Midnight Oil - Blue Sky Mining
56. Cloud Control - Bliss Release
57. The Cruel Sea - The Honeymoon Is Over
58. Grinspoon - New Detention
59. Sarah Blasko - As Day Follows Night
60. Sia - We Are Born
61. Pendulum - Hold Your Colour
62. The Panics - Cruel Guards
63. The John Butler Trio - Grand National
64. george - Polyserena
65. Cold Chisel - Cold Chisel
66. Bliss n Eso - Running on Air
67. Bliss n Eso - Flying Colours
68. Art vs. Science - The Experiment
69. Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls - Gossip
70. Silverchair - Young Modern
71. The Presets - Beams
72. Something for Kate - Beautiful Sharks
73. AC/DC - Highway to Hell
74. Sarah Blasko - The Overture & the Underscore
75. Skyhooks - Living in the 70's
76. Hunters & Collectors - Human Frailty
77. Pendulum - Immersion
78. Sleepy Jackson, The - Lovers
79. The Grates - Gravity Won't Get You High
80. The Saints - (I'm) Stranded
81. Pete Murray - Feeler
82. The Waifs - Up All Night
83. Lisa Mitchell - Wonder
84. The Go-Betweens - 16 Lovers Lane
85. Hilltop Hoods - State of the Art
86. Dead Letter Circus - This Is the Warning
87. Eskimo Joe - A Song Is a City
88. The Butterfly Effect - Imago
89. Pnau - Pnau
90. Children Collide - The Long Now
91. Gypsy & The Cat - Gilgamesh
92. Frenzal Rhomb - A Man's Not a Camel
93. Augie March - Moo, You Bloody Choir
94. Paul Dempsey - Everything Is True
95. Hoodoo Gurus - Stoneage Romeos
96. Machine Gun Fellatio - Paging Mr. Strike
97. The Butterfly Effect - Begins Here
98. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Boatman's Call
99. Grinspoon - Thrills, Kills & Sunday Pills
100. The Cat Empire - Two Shoes

Saturday, 16 July 2011

I hit up Fitzroy, one last time, it was calling me!!

So, i was staying with Cassie B, it was Sunday, i went for a run jog and the little voices in my brain were telling me to go to Fitzroy, how could i say no?

A divine download

I wanted to get photos next to my friends shop and go to the Fitzroy market and off i went in the 'Spaz mobile', AKA Cassies car.

Just like Cassies car, from memory

So, i get to Fitzroy and parking is, as per usual, a nightmare, i get to the shop and my friend is having her usual garage sale (minus the garage) in front of her shop, we hang out and before long a guy comes around the corner, colored, American, dreadlocks, blaze (the dog) is doing his bark talking and he's talking back to blaze, in English, Blaze understands English, i understand it myself, i have quite an accent, some time's i speak English too!

This guy starts telling me we are the highest sentient beings on the planet, obviously my sentient existence wasn't doing my health any good, i had a coffee and cigarette in my hands, not a very sentient existence

It's only divine, dar-link!

Then, he pulled out a little leather pouch and told us to pull out a crystal, which we did, he told us they were 'Devine downloads', we introduced ourselves, my friend Kate and himself seen each other about before.

Then in an inner pocket, he pulled out a can of Guinness, he obviously was a sensible fellow?

Phil Lynnot

I missed my chance to tell him that Phil Lynnot was once asked what it was like being black in Dublin back in the 80's, he said it was just like being a pint of Guinness, too true!

Off he goes to see his friend, a musician that lived a few houses down, my friend Kate turns to me and says, 'Do you know who that was?', 'It's Jimi Hendrix's son, he lives in Brunswick and he comes down here to hang out with a musician down the road'

And when i looked down the road again, he was gone!

What a way to say goodbye to my neighbourhood, Divine!!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Got a pad, in Paddington and here's how it happened... Part 2

Have a listen and have a read, it's all about the experience, i was listening to King Unique when i wrote this, so....do it!!

So, i was feeling a bit worse for wear, we covered that in part 1, there was some person that was mad for me to see her place, Google maps said it was 3kms, i sent a text message that i was on my way, i got one back saying they were not at home, so i had to come back up the hill, it wasn't starting off well, this day.

Plan B:
I wanted to as efficient as possible with my time and cover as many places as possible, so i consulted google maps, made up an itinerary of places, a route, it was going to be a busy day cycling and i wasn't feeling like it at all, at all at all.

5 minutes into my journey from Kelvin grove, towards Paddington, as luck would have it, i received a text about a room in Paddington, after much deliberation and thought, i had a schedule, i will remind you, i was going to be on track, nothing was going to interfere, this time, i made a quick diversion, to se this other house, as strange as this might seem, i was going to be passing the door!

Only the day before i saw a house for rent, right next door, i took the details of that real estate agent, the area was perfect, except for the fact there are too many hills, which i cant practice my skateboarding, i'm not much of a fan of sports where you need an ambulance on standby at the end of the hill. The area is a definite no no and i'm here to skate, dont you know?

The hill opposite my house is called 'Horse fall road', it's not too much of the imagination to wonder why!

So, in i went and the list of questions were prepared,

Kate: Who would you invite to dinner as a date for Jesus?
Me: Lady Ga Ga

Doesn't look t bright, does he?

Kate: Ketchup or BBQ sauce
Me: I've been turned on to BBQ sauce, more and more, maybe 50/50
Kate: You cant sit on the fence
Me: On chips, definitely ketchup, with vinegar

Kate: Vanilla ice or Eminem
Me: Eminem

Kate: Do you drink beer?
Me: Are you offering me a beer?

And that was the lead up question for a beer, followed by more beers and then the magic happened, it was a Sunday session, hip hip hurrah!!

I'm getting calls from the appointments i had made to view other rooms, i was letting Brisbane people down left and right, but look on the bright side, the worst case scenario was, we were having a good Sunday session and i was pretty tired of cycling.

But, it wasn't all fun and games, then the next guy rocked up to view the house, he's getting the questions, so i throw in a few

Me: If you went to your bathroom and there was an elephant in it, what would you do?
Him: (look of surprise, i cant remember what he said, but he was beginning to have second thoughts about this place)

Me: Do you like people to drop in or make an appointment to call round?
Him: He said call round, but that's not what he was thinking, i could tell :)

I had to go and meet someone up the road, so i said goodbye and off i went.

I got a call 10 minutes later from Kate, she told me that they needed someone with a bit of character and i had the gig.

Then i did the only sensible thing i could do, and got more beers and retreated to my new home, they all said 'Welcome', what choice did i have but to oblige?

Pizza was ordered, and i ended up staying the night, i was home sweet home, with my new house mates, James, Kim (girlfriend of James) Kate, and her boxer dog Harvey

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Got a pad, in Paddington and here's how it happened...Part 1

So, it's a Sunday, i'm staying in the basement of a house in Kelvin Grove, not any basement, but Pretty boys friend, Bonnie's house.

I met Bonnie through Pretty boy, we had a mad Saturday session with them the night my hoodie was stolen from revolver, apparently she let slip that i could stay with her for 1 month, a fact that was re confirmed by pretty the week before i went to Brisbane. Cool!!

So a call was made before i arrived in Brisbane, the offer still stood and i was off, i arrived and before long i was installed in Kelvin Grove, fast forward 6 days later, feeling a bit worse for wear after a night out, mostly drinking with Will from England that (don't laugh) got kicked out of some hostel the previous week.

Is this an English thing?

Why did this normally reserved English man, get chucked out on his ear? He used to run competitively for Yorkshire, used to until he discovered alcohol anyways and that was the end of that and then it was running to the bottle shop and back.

Even Will didn't know why he got kicked out, so it must of been bad, in hostels, any story like this, no matter how stupid, could turn out to be true, and this story is true! I will not burn in hell for this little bit of gossip, as god is my witness!!

Could this man possibly be related to Will?

Well, it would appear Will, the previous night, came in to his room, a little worse for wear, and for some reason, some long term staying girls witness him urinating...in the bin.

As bad as that might sound, this is tame stuff Will so rightly pointed out, tame yes.

How you think? Well tame compared to some other stories, as in some Canadian urinating in the middle of a dorm, minus a bin and some other unsuspecting guy waking up at night in the bottom of a bunk bed wondering why his face was getting wet and luckily evacuating his sleeping position before a tidal wave (or so it would have appeared came gushing down, nice eh?

Everyones at it, where are the role models?

When the guy in the bottom bunk complained furiously, he was given a night's free accommodation and 2 free jugs in the bar, no more problem, the world it would seem found a balance, between the moon, stars, bottom and top bunk, Australia went back to being the luck country for some unlucky bugger.

So, i was out with Will and co, co being a bunch of Northern Irish, drinking in the dorm room, before going to the bar under the hostel, i left earlyish, there were about 10 people waiting for taxis, so i decided i'd walk and get a taxi, sounds easy?

Big mistake!!

As unfamiliar as am to this place, my brain decided to ask some guy where i could get a taxi, the guy pointed and said
'200 meter's over there and you'll be in the valley'
And i was thinking of this..

So i went, and he was right and i saw what must of been the longest taxi queue in my life, it must have been 200m, it nearly scared the sh$t out of me!!

One of the reasons i came to Australia, was to never have to endure long waits for anything, Brisbane wasn't looking good, i walked out of the valley and got a taxi, eventually.

The taxi driver then proceeded to drive back to the valley, i must of been walking the wrong direction, some chick saw me and screamed 'Can i go in your taxi', she was doing the democratic thing, i'm still new to the city, i don't know where i'm going and before i could offer a response, she says 'Well fuck you' and i guess the only civilized thing left to do was clear off and wake up and embrace a brand new day.

And Part 1 ends, where it began, So, it's a Sunday morning, i compile a list of places to view, it was going to be a lot of cycling a big day...or was it?

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hollywood in the bush, introducing Howard Lawson!!!

Melbourne, with a little bit of Hollywood?

So, i was sitting out the back of my good friend Cassie's place, South Yarra, a suburb in Melbourne i would have never had much time for, but Cassie lives there and she let me stay there, so things were starting to look up, for me, Cassie, and South Yarra, if truth be told and then i actually looked up and a funny thing occurred to me.

The apartments next door, what style are they? I was telling Cassie, 'Can you imagine living up there and waking up and strolling out on that balcony, that would really be something?', it would be even something better if i would do it, i would be naked as the day i was born, i would hide nothing, Melbourne accept me for who i am, and then i would take a sip of my coffee and start munching my Vegimite and toast.

But enough about me, this post i want to do about the guy that gave these building's to the people of Melbourne, they were his legacy, his vision, and everybody now loves them, even me and people at the time thought he was mad...like me?

Introducing...Australia's first builder architect, Howard Lawson and some of the buildings he built!

10/ 61 Darling Street

If you a book reading type of person, check out Homes in the sky

From what (little) i understand, they are Art Deco

Dorrington House

The Dorrington building is built at an acute angle- approximately 60 degrees, into the corner of Caroline St and Alexandra Avenue. Dorrington House is one of several apartment buildings constructed during the 1920's by Howard Lawson, he built it out of reclaimed materials as the city of Melbourne went through a reconstruction boom. Lawson was greatly influenced by Hollywood movies and the "California" style.

Many were built in the depression using recycled materials from buildings and mansions that were being pulled down at the time. The apartments were linked with gardens and grottoes etc and rents were kept cheap to encourage artists to live there.

When Howard Lawson died much of the site was left to his daughter Beverly Burslem, who was named after the flats Beverly Hills. The land of the gardens was sold off as were most of the apartments over the years and some modern blocks built where the gardens were.

House in Arthurs Seat, VIC, Designed and built in the 1930's

Beverly retained ownership of many of the flats in Beverly hills into the 1980s. She gradually sold them off. She had an office in the building next door to beverly Hills.

I remember reading that he went bankrupt, he also built dance halls and theatres in Melbourne and inter state

26 Steane Avenue, Arthurs Seat, Victoria

A funny thing just occurred to me, i remember watching a documentary years ago about a celebrated Architect, i think it was Richard Neutra.

A group of students i think in Sweden used Google maps to locate all the houses he designed in Los Angelas and then they went there and knocked on the door, imaging the new owners surprise to have 30 students form a country somewhere in europe studying your house? Check out Richards houses

Maybe one day this might happen for Howard, someone might start by doing a wikipedia page even!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A life dream...come true, sort of?

Anyways, i thought i'd better cover this... When i was a kid, my mother didn't want me skateboarding, no way Jose!

But i really wanted to, not that i would have been any good, but there you go.

So over Christmas, hanging out with Michelle, recovering from a bit of a bender, by the skate park in the Edinburgh gardens in Melbourne, across from where i used to live.

Skate Park

A quick history lesson, i remember reading how an Irish guy called John Mc Mahon saved the park for the people of Fitzroy, way back in the 1880's, i wonder what he would have made of kids skating, listening to Dj's, bands, getting spaced out on drugs or just making love, i know i have!

He built a mansion, on the edge of the park and i suppose he didn't want to look at concrete, so he stopped them and now, that park is one of the best places to hang out in Melbourne, the Sunday sessions are legendary!!

So, i'm watching all the kids skate, at this stage i abandoned shoes, thongs (both kinds), it doesn't matter anymore, i'm feeling the earth, the little voices in me are talking, they are saying
'I wanna skate, I wanna skate, I wanna skate, I wanna skate, I wanna skate, I wanna skate, I wanna skate, I wanna skate, i wanna do THAT!!'

The future?

But i say to myself i'm 33 years old, too old, if i break my arm, i'be screwed if i cant work' and a few weeks i went on my magical mystery tour around Australia....

And then, i went on a $25 flight to the Gild Coast, and the voices came back and i said 'Right, when i come back, i will buy a skate board and i'll do it'

I found a really good and cheap surf shop, i resisted buying on and taking it back to Melbourne at the time, i already had enough stuff to lugg around and i was going to Cairns, i would get it on the rebound and i did!

Doing the bomb

I bought a long board, a side ways, those types of boards are normally $300 - $350, i got it for $149, lovely, i was in business and my business? Keeping the inner kid i me happy!!

Skate lessons?

The first skate board lesson i got was
'Take it down to the walkway by the beach, sit down and take a look at it, take all the plastic wrapping off and have fun'
and i did and i had a blast!!

A great start, to life in Queensland!!

I'll tell you what i want, what i really want...not Posh Spice, i want to be able to do this

Monday, 11 July 2011

Cos, i'm always on the run...

So i was in the Gold Coast, Cassie was running, so i went, to see her finish, she would have started running when i was asleep, in fact the day before i was in the supermarket and i got talking to an 'old' guy at the checkout, jokingly i said 'Are you here to run the marathon', to which he replied
'I ran the 10kms this morning in 1 hour 20 min, you wouldn't think that for an old fella like me, would you'
He definatly had a point, a very good point!! I was being upstaged by an old fella, i have to get back into being fit again!!

Cassie's idea of running

I saw a guy finish the marathon in 4 hours 16 min...in thongs, maybe flip flops to you? Some were running in bare feet, it was hard to believe, i saw a blind guy finish in about 3 hours, a blind guy, literally, i couldn't believe what i was seeing, so whats my excuse for not running again?

My idea of running

And i saw some Lorikeets in the city too, got to love those little fellas!!

Been a long time, been a long time...

Lorikeets are the new dog's

So, it's been a bit of a while since i've posted anything, so, now that i've found a home in Paddington (that's another story) i'll get cracking, i guess?

So, from when i last left ye, i was about to fly to the Gold Coast, my friend Cassie was 'competing' in the Gold Coast marathon, so all i had to do was hang out in Coolingatta for a few days and head over to South port and see her, and i did.

Cos i like...Birds!!

But first, let me tell you this, i got off the plane, and gave the Sands hostel a call, Hopper answered and came to collect me, his parting words with me were
'I know i will see you again'

And he did, and before long i was back to the hostel, in the Sunshine, lovely.

No sooner did we get there and we were off to feed the Lorikeets in the Currumbin wild life sanctuary

Feeding time at the Zoo!!

I made a promise to myself, that the first thing i would do when i got back to the Gold Coast would be to buy the very same hoodie that was stolen in Revolver and buy a skate board and make a start, on my new lifestyle change that i came to to Queensland for, and i did.

I got the last hoodie in the shop, same size and style that i wanted and the long board skateboard for $200, and i was in business and i still, fast forward, 3 biggish falls, as Steve the couch surder said,
'If your not falling off, your doing something wrong'
How true!!

It appears i'm doing something right, i'm still waiting for my hand to heal up, the last fall i had was outside a shopping centre in South port, i went face first after the front wheel didn't make it from street to the curb, i went flying, broke the jar of olives, i had a container of Yougurt that opened, i probably should have thrown out the yougurt, but i though i'd eat it until i could taste glass, which i didn't.

What ye talkin' about, yea crazy fool?

If i ended up pissing blood the next day either, i would have had no problem identifing a possible reason as to why, glass in Youghurt will do that to you, it didn't happen to me, but there you go.

I was back in business, in Queensland, 'The Smart state'? I think so!!

And one that nearly got away...

Sunday, 3 July 2011

A new start, a new beginning and i was killing time while the air cleared.

So, i said my goodbye to Melbourne, last week and for some reason i switched on the morning show, it's what my auntie Theresa would do and low and behold, the news was that all planes were grounded from Melbourne,i would have to reacquaint myself with my surroundings, i wouldn't be going anywhere until the air was clear, or the heavens opened up, all this because of a volcano and it's ash, all the way from Chile, who wold believe it.

What i couldn't believe is what inspired me to turn on the morning show on the TZ, it saved me a trip to the airport!! It's something i would never do!!

So, the next day i'm on the couch (which couch, Cassie wassie's one), having a good old old read for myself, i put on a DJ on media Cloud and keep on reading, as i'm reading i realize i've lost my book mark from the previous night, i eventually find it and before long, i'm having a nice time, music ends.

Cassie comes back about, with coffee, not a bead of sweat and announces that she just ran 10 kms.

Since i was supposed to be in Queensland, on my new mission, i.e. getting my life together, coupled with a lifestyle change
'my lifestyle determines my death style'

It's a quote from this song by Metallica

I say right (from a horizontal position), i'm starting todayand i get to the shoe shop on Chapel st, at 9am to buy shoes, for this new life style choice, it dawns on me (before long) that the shop wont be open for another hour, so i go or a walk behind the Jam factory and beyond.

I get back to the shoe shop at 10 am and 'Hey presto',it's opened,i start looking at shoes and go looking for some assistance, no 'ass' (but some ass would have been good too)

The assistant was serving some old guy in the shop, the old guy couldn't talk and kept writing and showing the guy what he wrote, the assistant was polity trying to get rid of the customer, that didn't look like he was going to buy anything, the guy leaves.

He comes to serve me and i launch into how Cassie went for a 10 kms run and i was on the couch story.

To which the guy says
'Oh, great the first guy cant talk and i cant even under stand you'

I had to laugh

I did get the shoes, i did a lap of the 'tan' (botanical gardens)

I met 3 pug dogs, the first one was walking so slowly,that's how i met him, after rubbing the dog for a bit, he acquired a bonce ad seemed to pick up pace, all he needed was a rub and i started my Queensland life style change,in Melbourne, while i waited for the Chilean ash/air to clear over Melbourne


Saturday, 2 July 2011

Friday, 1 July 2011

Cairns, some highlights?

Oldest rain forest in the world

Cape Tribulation

Cape trib people say 'hello'

Video that got away, i did the jump 12 times, in the end

Parachute jump

Parachute jump, the after..math?

I checked into the Asylum, and rest is history!!!

The Asylum made the news

So i went to Cairns, i didn't know what Cairns was about, i knew it was warm and that was enough, what lse did i need to know, so i went, the ticket was $99, the return flight was $0.01, how could i lose?

The first few nights i couch surfed with Mike, northern beaches, then along came the weekend, so Kieran's brain said
'Go to a hostel and you'll meet GIRLS!!'

Hanging out with Mike was great, but i wasn't going to meet any girls, or transvestites, but whos counting? So after asking my driver 'Gus' from the uncle Brians tour, he recommended a hostel called 'The Asylum', he said it was cheap, very laid back and wrong he wasn't.

Do people find love at the Asylum?

So, now i can safely say, probably when someone says i'm crazy (it happens more than you'd think), i can say
'Yep,i once checked into an Asylum, i though i was going mad'
...the latter of that statement being very true

I have never seen so much goon (cheap cask wine being drunk) in my life like the front benches of the Asylum, by 20 something year olds back packers.

Goon is an Aboriginal word, it means pillow, it' something that's possible to do, drink the goon bag, blow it up and have a sleep

Now you can eve slap the goon....even!

Modern day boat people, does it fit with Charles Darwins theory of evolution? I wonder what the Vikings would make of this?
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