Monday, 11 July 2011

Cos, i'm always on the run...

So i was in the Gold Coast, Cassie was running, so i went, to see her finish, she would have started running when i was asleep, in fact the day before i was in the supermarket and i got talking to an 'old' guy at the checkout, jokingly i said 'Are you here to run the marathon', to which he replied
'I ran the 10kms this morning in 1 hour 20 min, you wouldn't think that for an old fella like me, would you'
He definatly had a point, a very good point!! I was being upstaged by an old fella, i have to get back into being fit again!!

Cassie's idea of running

I saw a guy finish the marathon in 4 hours 16 thongs, maybe flip flops to you? Some were running in bare feet, it was hard to believe, i saw a blind guy finish in about 3 hours, a blind guy, literally, i couldn't believe what i was seeing, so whats my excuse for not running again?

My idea of running

And i saw some Lorikeets in the city too, got to love those little fellas!!

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