Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cycling, i love it and it's chirp,!!!

I saw this on the wall next to the bike shop

It says..
I will ride a sea horse to meet you. Then we can sail away from here

So today, i went for a bike ride, where? I had no freakin idea at the time, and i still dont know where i was, but i thought the road would go somewhere and i'd go there too, and it was only epic!!

And i had plenty of sunshine!! Happy days!!

So, equipped with my new i-cant-believe-i-only-spent-$15-on-a-racing bike, the catch? The tyres were flat, i got the tyres pumped, that was free and i set off, as is my habitual existence, i tend to head towards where the cool people live and hang out, The West end and i called into a bike shop

My bikes, $20 + $15 = the best $$$ i have ever spent

The guy in the bike shop was telling me about a call he got from a guy, the guy asked him if it would be ok to get the bike, when he gets out....of jail!!

Apparently his customer is a funny guy, he's an old bloke, looks like he's been stabbed a few times by the marks on him and it's not the first time he's dropped the bike off and spent a bit of time behind bars!!

Hard to believe, sure no worries, see you when you get out!

I ended up in a new shopping centre for lunch, some Chinese cafe was selling honey chicken on sticks, for $2.20, a LOT of chicken and i ate a bag of salad like a bag of chips, discounted salad, no chips, a very healthy lunch and i called into my favourite coffee place in the West end, then the place where the guy gives me the good beer, oh happy days and sunshine!!

What a day, so i haven't had much luck with getting a job, but i am on the dole and now my shares have gone up a fair bit, so life is currently a dream, but something is bound to go wrong, but until then. Let it shine!!!!

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