Tuesday, 26 July 2011

First there was the thing, and one thing led to another...

So, i recommended 'I love Huckabees', to someone last week, they loved it, i also recommended it to someone last month, they didn't get it at all, it would make you wonder? But there's more...

I first saw this movie when i was in Dharamsala, India.

The same day i saw a movie called 'What the bleep do we know' and my mind was racing, i had a flash back of this the other day, so i though, 'Why not write about that?' And so, here it is.

Dharamsala was such an awesome experience, the day after i saw these movies, i watched both of these movies again, i had to!!

My ex didn't get it, my brain was on fire, i got it, i got something, it was very exciting indeed

Around the same time i did Vipassana meditation and other meditation, Vipassana being the most intense, it was 10 hours a day, for 10 days, you could learn more about yourself in those 10 days than you could in 10 years.

I watched both of these movies again recently, it's funny when you think of how you are and the way you think and then maybe how you were, i can trace a lot of ideas, things that influenced me, back to those 2 movies and that time.

The thing about the whole experience, was not just place, the courses in yoga, jewellery making, meditation and many more.

It was the exceptional people i met, constantly, it was like the best place i had ever been to, that was a magnet for awesome people.

Hi, i'm Ringo Starr

One of the guys i met was a Tibetan buddhist monk, from Liverpool, England, the guy had grown up in a rough part of town, i remember him telling me it was so dangerous where he was, he couldn't go out at night, so he would do acid in his flat and look at some picture, when he would lead us through the meditation, it was like Ringo Starr from the Beetles was talking to you, trippy, it was!

(On a separate tangent, i once met a guy who's mom was asked out on a date by Ringo, she turned him down thinking Paul or George would ask her out, they didn't ask her out!!!)

So the monk from Liverpool, after becoming a monk, he would for fun, read bits of the bible and stop and think of them and be tripping out (no drugs involved). I wonder ho many priests would read buddhist teaching's and be the same way?

It's interesting that?
'When the student is ready, the teacher appears'
 This would seem to be the case, some people dont get it, some do, some are not ready, maybe they will be in a few years, maybe never?

It's like one day realising that you were asleep your whole life, just like the Matrix!

When i listened to Jazz, i didn't like it, but, 2 albums in particular, when i first hear them, i didn't like them, but 1 year on i loved them!!

Dave Weckel's, Master plan

And Lee Ritenour's 'Rio' 

There you go, these 2 albums switched me on musically, and now i listen, or i can appreciate other forms of music i could not have listened to before, they led me on to electronic music, one thing leads to another.

The movies switched me on spiritually, isn't it interesting how one thing and lead to another?

When i think of it, the first time i watched 'The Matrix', i didn't get it, then the second time, bang, i got it, check out this scene about the blue and red pill

Now that i think about all this, i watched a documentary about Joe Strummer from the Clash last night, he didn't get rave music, until he went to a rave and experienced it, for himself, then once he got it, he was a big fan, he got switched on too

Joe Strummer

And it's interesting that Fank Zappa said in his autobiography
 'Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible'
...and then one thing led to another...

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