Friday, 15 July 2011

Got a pad, in Paddington and here's how it happened... Part 2

Have a listen and have a read, it's all about the experience, i was listening to King Unique when i wrote this, it!!

So, i was feeling a bit worse for wear, we covered that in part 1, there was some person that was mad for me to see her place, Google maps said it was 3kms, i sent a text message that i was on my way, i got one back saying they were not at home, so i had to come back up the hill, it wasn't starting off well, this day.

Plan B:
I wanted to as efficient as possible with my time and cover as many places as possible, so i consulted google maps, made up an itinerary of places, a route, it was going to be a busy day cycling and i wasn't feeling like it at all, at all at all.

5 minutes into my journey from Kelvin grove, towards Paddington, as luck would have it, i received a text about a room in Paddington, after much deliberation and thought, i had a schedule, i will remind you, i was going to be on track, nothing was going to interfere, this time, i made a quick diversion, to se this other house, as strange as this might seem, i was going to be passing the door!

Only the day before i saw a house for rent, right next door, i took the details of that real estate agent, the area was perfect, except for the fact there are too many hills, which i cant practice my skateboarding, i'm not much of a fan of sports where you need an ambulance on standby at the end of the hill. The area is a definite no no and i'm here to skate, dont you know?

The hill opposite my house is called 'Horse fall road', it's not too much of the imagination to wonder why!

So, in i went and the list of questions were prepared,

Kate: Who would you invite to dinner as a date for Jesus?
Me: Lady Ga Ga

Doesn't look t bright, does he?

Kate: Ketchup or BBQ sauce
Me: I've been turned on to BBQ sauce, more and more, maybe 50/50
Kate: You cant sit on the fence
Me: On chips, definitely ketchup, with vinegar

Kate: Vanilla ice or Eminem
Me: Eminem

Kate: Do you drink beer?
Me: Are you offering me a beer?

And that was the lead up question for a beer, followed by more beers and then the magic happened, it was a Sunday session, hip hip hurrah!!

I'm getting calls from the appointments i had made to view other rooms, i was letting Brisbane people down left and right, but look on the bright side, the worst case scenario was, we were having a good Sunday session and i was pretty tired of cycling.

But, it wasn't all fun and games, then the next guy rocked up to view the house, he's getting the questions, so i throw in a few

Me: If you went to your bathroom and there was an elephant in it, what would you do?
Him: (look of surprise, i cant remember what he said, but he was beginning to have second thoughts about this place)

Me: Do you like people to drop in or make an appointment to call round?
Him: He said call round, but that's not what he was thinking, i could tell :)

I had to go and meet someone up the road, so i said goodbye and off i went.

I got a call 10 minutes later from Kate, she told me that they needed someone with a bit of character and i had the gig.

Then i did the only sensible thing i could do, and got more beers and retreated to my new home, they all said 'Welcome', what choice did i have but to oblige?

Pizza was ordered, and i ended up staying the night, i was home sweet home, with my new house mates, James, Kim (girlfriend of James) Kate, and her boxer dog Harvey

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