Friday, 1 July 2011

I checked into the Asylum, and rest is history!!!

The Asylum made the news

So i went to Cairns, i didn't know what Cairns was about, i knew it was warm and that was enough, what lse did i need to know, so i went, the ticket was $99, the return flight was $0.01, how could i lose?

The first few nights i couch surfed with Mike, northern beaches, then along came the weekend, so Kieran's brain said
'Go to a hostel and you'll meet GIRLS!!'

Hanging out with Mike was great, but i wasn't going to meet any girls, or transvestites, but whos counting? So after asking my driver 'Gus' from the uncle Brians tour, he recommended a hostel called 'The Asylum', he said it was cheap, very laid back and wrong he wasn't.

Do people find love at the Asylum?

So, now i can safely say, probably when someone says i'm crazy (it happens more than you'd think), i can say
'Yep,i once checked into an Asylum, i though i was going mad'
...the latter of that statement being very true

I have never seen so much goon (cheap cask wine being drunk) in my life like the front benches of the Asylum, by 20 something year olds back packers.

Goon is an Aboriginal word, it means pillow, it' something that's possible to do, drink the goon bag, blow it up and have a sleep

Now you can eve slap the goon....even!

Modern day boat people, does it fit with Charles Darwins theory of evolution? I wonder what the Vikings would make of this?

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