Saturday, 16 July 2011

I hit up Fitzroy, one last time, it was calling me!!

So, i was staying with Cassie B, it was Sunday, i went for a run jog and the little voices in my brain were telling me to go to Fitzroy, how could i say no?

A divine download

I wanted to get photos next to my friends shop and go to the Fitzroy market and off i went in the 'Spaz mobile', AKA Cassies car.

Just like Cassies car, from memory

So, i get to Fitzroy and parking is, as per usual, a nightmare, i get to the shop and my friend is having her usual garage sale (minus the garage) in front of her shop, we hang out and before long a guy comes around the corner, colored, American, dreadlocks, blaze (the dog) is doing his bark talking and he's talking back to blaze, in English, Blaze understands English, i understand it myself, i have quite an accent, some time's i speak English too!

This guy starts telling me we are the highest sentient beings on the planet, obviously my sentient existence wasn't doing my health any good, i had a coffee and cigarette in my hands, not a very sentient existence

It's only divine, dar-link!

Then, he pulled out a little leather pouch and told us to pull out a crystal, which we did, he told us they were 'Devine downloads', we introduced ourselves, my friend Kate and himself seen each other about before.

Then in an inner pocket, he pulled out a can of Guinness, he obviously was a sensible fellow?

Phil Lynnot

I missed my chance to tell him that Phil Lynnot was once asked what it was like being black in Dublin back in the 80's, he said it was just like being a pint of Guinness, too true!

Off he goes to see his friend, a musician that lived a few houses down, my friend Kate turns to me and says, 'Do you know who that was?', 'It's Jimi Hendrix's son, he lives in Brunswick and he comes down here to hang out with a musician down the road'

And when i looked down the road again, he was gone!

What a way to say goodbye to my neighbourhood, Divine!!

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