Monday, 18 July 2011

Last day in Fitzroy and i went to get photos of not just any window!

My neighbour Kate, the Fitzroy Kate and her dog Flash

The photos are from the window, next to Kates shop

So it was my last day in Melbourne, there's been a few last days, but that day was the last..last day, as i said previously, in another post, another time, Fitzroy was calling me and i had to go back, just one more time.

So i got a few photos, met Jimi Hendrix son (that's another story), had a cup of coffee and went to the Fitzroy artist market, i said goodbye to some locals and said hello to some local, she was in her 40's and she was off soon to do tango dancing in Buenos Aires.

I thought, what a strange world we live in, that a chick could be exposed to this sort of music and then decide to go South America, with basic Spanish and start a new life and be part of something exciting (for her), Buenos Aires was calling her.

I've always found Fitzroy is the kind of place, that always gives me what i want, when i need it, maybe a bit like the story of the Rainbow serpent
'You have your ups and downs, you learn your lesson and the magic happens'

It was a perfect goodbye or even goodbye again? It certainly seems like it!

Arrgh, wine!!

This person certainly was very sleepy, probably the sleepiest?

Interesting that someone would think of something like this, maybe i'm missing out?

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