Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A life dream...come true, sort of?

Anyways, i thought i'd better cover this... When i was a kid, my mother didn't want me skateboarding, no way Jose!

But i really wanted to, not that i would have been any good, but there you go.

So over Christmas, hanging out with Michelle, recovering from a bit of a bender, by the skate park in the Edinburgh gardens in Melbourne, across from where i used to live.

Skate Park

A quick history lesson, i remember reading how an Irish guy called John Mc Mahon saved the park for the people of Fitzroy, way back in the 1880's, i wonder what he would have made of kids skating, listening to Dj's, bands, getting spaced out on drugs or just making love, i know i have!

He built a mansion, on the edge of the park and i suppose he didn't want to look at concrete, so he stopped them and now, that park is one of the best places to hang out in Melbourne, the Sunday sessions are legendary!!

So, i'm watching all the kids skate, at this stage i abandoned shoes, thongs (both kinds), it doesn't matter anymore, i'm feeling the earth, the little voices in me are talking, they are saying
'I wanna skate, I wanna skate, I wanna skate, I wanna skate, I wanna skate, I wanna skate, I wanna skate, I wanna skate, i wanna do THAT!!'

The future?

But i say to myself i'm 33 years old, too old, if i break my arm, i'be screwed if i cant work' and a few weeks i went on my magical mystery tour around Australia....

And then, i went on a $25 flight to the Gild Coast, and the voices came back and i said 'Right, when i come back, i will buy a skate board and i'll do it'

I found a really good and cheap surf shop, i resisted buying on and taking it back to Melbourne at the time, i already had enough stuff to lugg around and i was going to Cairns, i would get it on the rebound and i did!

Doing the bomb

I bought a long board, a side ways, those types of boards are normally $300 - $350, i got it for $149, lovely, i was in business and my business? Keeping the inner kid i me happy!!

Skate lessons?

The first skate board lesson i got was
'Take it down to the walkway by the beach, sit down and take a look at it, take all the plastic wrapping off and have fun'
and i did and i had a blast!!

A great start, to life in Queensland!!

I'll tell you what i want, what i really want...not Posh Spice, i want to be able to do this

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