Sunday, 3 July 2011

A new start, a new beginning and i was killing time while the air cleared.

So, i said my goodbye to Melbourne, last week and for some reason i switched on the morning show, it's what my auntie Theresa would do and low and behold, the news was that all planes were grounded from Melbourne,i would have to reacquaint myself with my surroundings, i wouldn't be going anywhere until the air was clear, or the heavens opened up, all this because of a volcano and it's ash, all the way from Chile, who wold believe it.

What i couldn't believe is what inspired me to turn on the morning show on the TZ, it saved me a trip to the airport!! It's something i would never do!!

So, the next day i'm on the couch (which couch, Cassie wassie's one), having a good old old read for myself, i put on a DJ on media Cloud and keep on reading, as i'm reading i realize i've lost my book mark from the previous night, i eventually find it and before long, i'm having a nice time, music ends.

Cassie comes back about, with coffee, not a bead of sweat and announces that she just ran 10 kms.

Since i was supposed to be in Queensland, on my new mission, i.e. getting my life together, coupled with a lifestyle change
'my lifestyle determines my death style'

It's a quote from this song by Metallica

I say right (from a horizontal position), i'm starting todayand i get to the shoe shop on Chapel st, at 9am to buy shoes, for this new life style choice, it dawns on me (before long) that the shop wont be open for another hour, so i go or a walk behind the Jam factory and beyond.

I get back to the shoe shop at 10 am and 'Hey presto',it's opened,i start looking at shoes and go looking for some assistance, no 'ass' (but some ass would have been good too)

The assistant was serving some old guy in the shop, the old guy couldn't talk and kept writing and showing the guy what he wrote, the assistant was polity trying to get rid of the customer, that didn't look like he was going to buy anything, the guy leaves.

He comes to serve me and i launch into how Cassie went for a 10 kms run and i was on the couch story.

To which the guy says
'Oh, great the first guy cant talk and i cant even under stand you'

I had to laugh

I did get the shoes, i did a lap of the 'tan' (botanical gardens)

I met 3 pug dogs, the first one was walking so slowly,that's how i met him, after rubbing the dog for a bit, he acquired a bonce ad seemed to pick up pace, all he needed was a rub and i started my Queensland life style change,in Melbourne, while i waited for the Chilean ash/air to clear over Melbourne


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